RTTY and FT8 on Yaesu FT-450D on 60M

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by AC2QH, Nov 1, 2018.

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  1. AC2QH

    AC2QH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Unfortunately audio (data) input via the rear DIN data input does not go out unless the mode selector is in the data position. In the plain USB mode only mic audio goes out. To recap, on 60M transmit only the factory programmed frequency slots are available and only via the memory function, and these pre-programmed slots can only be set to USB or CW. Has anyone done the "transmit on all frequencies mod" on the FT-450D by removing one of the soldered diode internal jumpers? This would likely work but would require great operator attention to avoid operating out of band.
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  2. K3XR

    K3XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Went back and read over your posts and did not see any mention what if any interface you might be using maybe you're going direct from the computer. My FT-450D at the moment is dedicated to the 6 meter band however for 2-3 yrs prior it was my dedicated digital rig on the USB mode setting. Cable from the Signalink to the data jack on the rear of the 450D worked for all the digital modes used including SSTV. In fact if you go to their site (Signalink) you will see they have settings and make a cable for just such purpose. Perhaps there may be others that could help you with your set-up.
  3. AC2QH

    AC2QH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I use the data in DIN connection on the rear for FT8, Winlink, SSTV etc.. Data input seems to be muted / off except when a data mode is selected via the front mode selector (e.g. shows USB and DATA on the LCD screen). Perhaps this "feature" was added in a firmware revision. The interface I am using is a homebrew transformer and resistive pad fed from the headphone jack of a Dell laptop running windows 10. Everything works FB on all bands and modes except for the 60M band where transmit is restricted to the factory programmed memory channels - and when using the memory channels the only modes available for selection via the mode selector are USB and CW. I guess I will dig out the 8 pin adapter I made to get a mic input for use when I get the urge to work the FT8 DX that has been showing up on 60M.
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  4. N1CTO

    N1CTO Ham Member QRZ Page

    http://www.xggcomms.com/page3.htm This is what you need to connect the 450D to your PC. To use digital modes press the F button, use the DSP/SEL knob to scroll to D TYPE, push DSP/SEL, and scroll to USER U, push DSP/SEL again then F to return to VFO mode. To go back to any other mode repeat the same steps but select RTTY (believe it or not yes RTTY is the correct choice for SSB and CW)
  5. KC1JTS

    KC1JTS Ham Member QRZ Page

    My understanding is that the FT450D will NOT use the data comming in on the DATA jack unless it is in the DATA mode. I believe the question on the 60m emmory slots is that the only was to modulate the radio is via the mic jack. very sad. Does anyone knoe if the MARS mod allows you to set USB/DATA mode when in VFO mode on the 60m band?
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  6. KB0NAV

    KB0NAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    To transmit on 60 meters you must use the channel mode. Wsjtx will always try and switch to vfo mode. So you must setup wsjtx such that the radio interface is set to none.
  7. KT5WB

    KT5WB Ham Member QRZ Page

    That has not been my experience with my FT450, but I have the older AT, not the D. On my AT the rear audio in/out pins seem to always be engaged even if the radio is not in data mode.
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  8. K4AGO

    K4AGO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    You do not need to use data mode for FT8. FT8 operates on Upper Side Band. I use a 25-year-old FT 900 for FT8 and FT4. The FT 900 does not have any data mode built-in, Just USB, LSB, AM and FM. Use Upper SIde Band and an interface ( I use a West Mountain Radio, RigBlaster) to connect the computer to the radio. There are several brands of interfaces on the market. Tiger Tronics Signal Link is one, West Mountain Radio RigBlaster is another. The RigBlaster works superbly for me and West Mountain Radio has world-class customer support. They won't let you fail with their product.
  9. AE2Z

    AE2Z XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    My FT450 does not take audio from the data jack when set for USB on 60m. So I;m stuck, as is the original poster.

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