RSGB changes Foundation license exam assessment

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VK7HH, Oct 5, 2021.

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  1. MM0IMC

    MM0IMC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Personally, I'm just using dipoles at the moment (except for a 5/8th vertical for 10m). In the UK, we're allowed to assume maximum legal limit at the antenna feed point (for the most part). That means technically, we can feed more power at the shack side to allow for feeder losses. I prefer the measure my power limit from the shack end and not the antenna feed point end, therefore I run under 400W PEP from the shack end and not the antenna feed point end.

    Some countries have you measure it from the shack end, so mileages may vary significantly. You just have to follow the regulations that your country's regulator sets down.
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  2. 2E0NYH

    2E0NYH Ham Member QRZ Page

    you are incorrect, except for the parts of the band plan where it is stated as ERP , the power limits are antenna feedpoint power limits...
  3. M7ICK

    M7ICK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Regardless of class of licence, foundation, intermediate, or full, power limits are unpolicable, so that statement calling the Uk licence a joke, is a typical comment you hear off of a lot of old timer hams, who thinks any class of licence below his isnt a real licence. As an M7 i can say i only use 10W, thats all i need to talk to the world, but often hear full licence holders state during thier dx'es that they are using 7-800W , its not an M7 thing. Im not holding out and hoping that i will be gifted a full licence like the G1, G6-G7-G8 class B licence holders were in 2003, im studying and learning and progressing eventually to my full licence which is what this hobby is about.
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  4. GW6CZE

    GW6CZE Ham Member QRZ Page

    As the only difference between an A & B licence was the morse i fail to see how it was gifted when it was removed from the licence. Yes the uk licence is a joke .There is no incentive to get further than novice/foundation .It was totally messed up when you stopped having to pay for it and offcom washed its hands and gave it to the dinosaurs at the RSGB. The only time your going to get your wrists slapped is when you interfere with the emergency services or the military . And yes i know some class A/full licencees run way above 400w as do half the ex clown band hams
  5. M7BLC

    M7BLC Ham Member QRZ Page

    To be fair I'm having far too much fun messing around with antennas and my set up to be bothered with what others are doing. I have over the past 10 months made enormous strides in my set up and continue to do so all completely within the parameters of my Foundation licence. Voice only on SSB I am learning enough and at a pace to keep me happy for months and years before I reach the boundaries of what can be done. My advice to any new ham - don't be in a rush to go up the grades. You can learn plenty at the basic level just by experimentation and trial and error. You may end up a better ham when you do decide to progress. 73 and good DX'ing.
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  6. K0UO

    K0UO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Read his statement/ it says varies by the part of the world that you're regulated in. The rules are different worldwide and even the service used it.
    73 from,
    The K0UO " Rhombic Antenna Farm" 2 miles of wire, I'm In the Air or On the Air daily
  7. 2E0NYH

    2E0NYH Ham Member QRZ Page

    i think you may need to do some reading
  8. M7CCI

    M7CCI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I totally agree that the licenceable frequencies need better policing. We have lost great repeaters due to IQ0's.
    I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that as there's no licence fee OFCOM have no resources to monitor or take the required action but I for one would be only too happy to pay a fee to improve the situation. Fortunately I haven't witnessed anyone in my area using excessive power on a Foundation licence.
    I personally have too many good friends on air and would not disrespect them or the hobby by basically acting like a clown.
  9. 2E0NYH

    2E0NYH Ham Member QRZ Page

    where i nthe case of some of the repeaters lost the IQ0 in question is apparently the keeper of adjcent repeaters ...
  10. MM0JNL

    MM0JNL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Please read the Foundation Licence Parameters page of your exam booklet! All bands are 10-watts PEP except 135.7kHz to 137.8kHz which is 1-watt e.r.p. and 430MHz to 432MHz at 10-watts e.r.p. When it is e.r.p. you need to compensate for the antenna gain to ensure no more than 10-watts (10 dBW) are radiated. When it is 10-watts PEP then you can send 10-watts up to the antenna and let the gain do what it does. I use an antenna with 6.8dBd gain on 2-metres so with a 10-watt feed it will radiate near as makes no difference 50-watts. Anyone who says you must compensate for antenna gain when working within a part of the band plan stipulating PEP should NOT be training or advising anyone. You only adjust for emitted radiated power limits only!!

    Under the common assumptions made by those setting the standards for the new EMF assessments have shown that 6.8-watts equates to 10-watts emitted isotropic radiated power. This also means all foundation licensees must assess their antennas that operate 2-metres and 70-cm by 18th November 2021.

    Please do not get caught out by people who do not understand the band plan. Did they inform you of the frequencies to keep clear? i.e. the emergency frequencies or those allocated to the RSGB news service (GB2RS) every Sunday?

    I am only mentioning these two pointers as it would seem you have been taught things that are totally wrong unless you are working in the LF portion of the band or the first 2MHz part of 70cm.

    Keep reading and hopefully we will see you reach your M0 in the not too distant future.

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