Discussion in 'QRP Corner' started by W6KMB, Jun 21, 2018.

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  1. W6KMB

    W6KMB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Anyone using this Hong Kong SDR. Any good? Price is OK.
  2. N8IDA

    N8IDA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have the RS-918. Same radio without the battery. Radio is fairly decent for the price, but it has a steep learning curve. It is a Chinese clone of an
    open source project of M0NKA. I have made SSB and FT8 contacts with this radio at 5 watts. The menu system is very complex and it is easy to
    screw up your settings by accidentally doing a reset on the menu. There seems to be different versions out there. Mine radio does not work with the
    touch screen, while I heard that some other ones do. If you are willing to shell out almost $500 USD it could be a fun radio. I am hoping to try mine
    with a Buddipole system in the near future. Be prepared to spend some time getting your radio setup.
  3. KJ6ZH

    KJ6ZH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have both the R928 Plus and the RS-918 and I like them both.
    I like the waterfall display and ability to connect it to a computer.
    Has a different connection for paddles but is easy to make an adapter cable or re-wire paddles for the rig.
    There is a a steep learning curve for either.
    The R928 Plus uses a different oscillator chip so firmware updates from UHSDR Github site won't work.
    There is a group on that have managed to update the firmware and as a bonus, you get 6 meters on the R928 Plus.

    I used the R928 on field day and thought it performed well. Used an external 4.8 A-Hr battery and the internal battery.
    Worked up and down the West Coast on CW and as far east as S. Texas on 3 watts.
    Filters worked pretty good to block out strong adjacent signals. It will decode CW/RTTY/BPSK fairly well on its screen.
    Can send RTTY/BPSK using an inexpensive keyboard connected to the radio's USB A port.
    Lots of features in both rigs.

    Before buying, I would read up on this rig from the below sites if you are interested.
    On the website, there is a guy in the USA selling pre-adjusted and tested RS-918's but not the R928.
    Note: recently RS-918 models have upgraded memory from earlier versions (now 256k flash and 2 Mb memory) and will keep up with firmware updates.
    The R928 has the upgraded memories.

    73 Chris - KJ6ZH

    Home · df8oe-UHSDR Wiki · GitHub - Home
  4. N2DTS

    N2DTS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got a 928 plus and it seems great for the most part, but the built in microphone seems to be on all the time, even with the hand mic plugged in???

    Great AM receive, but I needed to set the A/D converter gain from auto to 1 to stop switching noise (thumps/pops) on stronger signals.
    That does not seem to impact the sensitivity in any way, even on weak signals.
    If I set the power over 10 watts output, the power and swr meter go nuts, so 10 watts it is.

    I wish there was an 800 or 1000 Hz filter setting for CW, 1.4 is too wide and the others are too narrow for my taste.
    Why not have the filter adjustable?
    Too much cpu needed?

    The key works when plugged into the ACC jack, the key jack just sends endless dashes...

    Otherwise I think the radio is great, the built in battery holds up well, the display is small but very nice, audio output is fantastic in headphones or the line out, controls are very well thought out, and you can adjust/set loads of things in the menu's.
    But you cant turn the built in mic off?

    Out of the box my radio is 2 Hz off at 10 MHz, that is quite good for the price point!

    I see the new version with the bigger built in battery does NOT seem to have a built in microphone, a plus in my book!

  5. MM3ENM

    MM3ENM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I bought a used one on eBay, and quickly lost my patience with it. It's completely counter-intuitive menu systems, and a touch-screen that worked sometimes, and not at other times, were enough for me to feel that it was more trouble than it was worth. Might suit someone who isn't me.
  6. N2DTS

    N2DTS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Worked Georgia (from New Jersey) on 40 meters with my bitx 40, then switched to the 928 on AM.
    Worked great (all on a small battery).
    I really like the 928.
  7. N2DTS

    N2DTS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I replaced the stepped tuning encoder with one without detents and fit a knob made as a KX2/3 upgrade and the radio tunes VERY nice.
    I picked up a new Yeasu ft 818 nd and the 928 is SO much easier to use.
    There are a few things to set up in the easy to figure out menu's and then there is no need to go back into them, most settings are on the screen.
    You get a lot of info on the screen of the 928, s meter, power output, swr, power set level, agc/rf gain and audio gain level, mode, frequency, rit status, filter width,
    cw tuning aid, battery voltage, dsp options and more, all at once.
    The radio does 10 watts out easy, can get up to 20 watts out on some bands.

    For 160 to 10 meters, cw and voice, this radio seems great for the price point and size.
  8. PA3MET

    PA3MET Ham Member QRZ Page

    the 928 does not play well with GPLv3. It uses software of others without publishing his own additions.

    Stay away from it.

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