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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by K8YS, Nov 8, 2003.

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  1. K8YS

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    While this is not exactly radio related, I see the Rodman & Co tool guy at the Hamvention every year... he is the booth that has drill bits drilled into files, uses a wire to cut circles into ceramic tile... you know, you saw him.

    Well, after seeing his little show after several years, I finally broke down a bought his Hamvention special.

    I am happy with the drill bits, they have done as promised, but this review is based on the drill holder device that was part of the "show special".

    This device is used to hold your favorite "moto-tool" (AKA, Dremel Tool).  I mounted it to the bench top, and I tried to mount the tool. I managed to break the thing...

    An Internet search was interesting... Rodman & Company does not have a web site! I did find where Rodman & Co had attended several events, and some event web sites indicted a phone number. A quick phone call, they told me to return it.

    Priority Mail to them, Priority Mail back, I had a replacement, no questions asked, in 4 days.

    It is refreshing to find a company that responds quickly and efficiently.
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