RMS Express/Winlink Packet and PK232MBX

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by K4HYJ, Nov 3, 2015.

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    I can sell you either. The MBX version was basically a maildrop addition. However, newer ROM versions are only possible if you have an MBX board installed. 1991 or newer (I think) will allow use with RMS Express. I have an MBX daughter board with the latest ROM version I can sell you. It is a 15 minute install once you have the cover off. It requires soldering one wire and replacing your ROM chips with a circuit board that plugs into their slots.

    Email me directly and we can work out the details.

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    Maybe this thread has long dried up and blown away, but I'll ask anyway --

    I have the same problem with RMS Express - it initializes when I open the session to com1 fine. Then when I start the session it responds "Unable to open COM1".

    The thing is I DO have an PK232MBX unit. It works fine in the RMS terminal mode and works fine with aprisce. Just won't connect with a RMS Express session.

    Perhaps there is no answer except I have an odd revision box, although my unscientific inclination is to blame RMS Express (running v1.5.32.0 on Win10 if that matters).

    Steve D.
  5. K4HYJ

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    What ROMS are you running? 7.2 is the latest and works the best. I have had some crazy inconsistencies with older versions as RMS Express has been upgraded.


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