RMS Express/Winlink Packet and PK232MBX

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by K4HYJ, Nov 3, 2015.

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  1. K4HYJ

    K4HYJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Is RMS Express keying the radio via the PK that part is probably ok.

    You can calibrate the output deviation of your radio while in packet mode using the CAL command while using putty. Just follow the manual. You will need a deviation meter or a good ear with your second receiver.

    With putty connected, can you decode other packet transmissions (DCD set correctly)?
  2. PD0RH

    PD0RH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Tks for your reply..

    No , in RMS the PK is not initialyzing so the (hardware) com1 is not ready. On the web I came across 2 configs on the comport matter.
    9600 with 8bits and 9600 with 7bits wich is also in the manual. I did not come across a section in RMS where you can do a indepth config on the comport, i.e. an advanced optoin orso...

    In PUTTY I can do everything accept connect to another station, think this has to do with the tone pitch differencies of the packet signal. I am going to read up about the cal optoin in the manual so.......

    more to follow....still investigating...hihi
  3. K4HYJ

    K4HYJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    9600baud, and 8 bits is correct. In RMS, when you select AEA/Timewave PK-232 as your TNC, just pick the COM port you are using and baud rate of 9600. RMS should reset your PK and put it in packet mode.

    If you have not done a system reset, it might help. If you can connect ot the PK with Putty, at the CMD prompt, type reset. All of the lights on the PK will go out except for BAUDOT. Then type an asterisk (*) and your screen should show a date and software release information. The PK will change to packet mode then as evidenced by the lights on the PK.

    Keep us posted!!

  4. PD0RH

    PD0RH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Henry (and others offcourse!!),

    I have calibrated the PK and in putty I can connect PI8NHN-10 wich is the station to send ARES msgs.
    The afsk tones were too loud and too hard so I did some fine adjustments cf the operating manual.
    In AGWPE the PK is now initialyzing and the com1 (hardware) is ready. did not try to make a connection.
    Tomorrow I will see if I can connect PI8NHN-10 with RMS express, because I had no time, had to go into nightshift...
    Slowly but certainly we will get there....hi

    Will continue tomorrow....
  5. K4HYJ

    K4HYJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Good luck!!! Keep us posted!
  6. PD0RH

    PD0RH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Henry and other readers,

    I have done everything you've said but still I cannot key my radio with RMS.
    RMS gives me a msg stating that TNC has been intialized, but as soon as I want to connect to PI8NHN-10 RMS says unable to open com1. COM1 is a physical comport and I have closed the PUTTY session. In my opinion the com1 should then be available.

    Things I have tried sofar:
    With putty put PK232 in KISS mode cmd: KISS ON
    Tried to use KISS in RMS --> no joy
    Tried to use TAPR TNC --> no joy

    Gave PK232 a Reset in putty cmd: RESET
    Started again with RMS cf your advice --> no joy

    Started a session in putty with PI8NHN-10
    cmd: c pi8nhn-10 --> succes
    logged in to CMS in Perth with rms password --> succes
    gave cmd LM --> rcvd reply - NO MESSAGES

    I have an exercise this evening with DARES (Dutch Amateur Radio Emergency Services) so time is limited this evening but I wil try tomorrow a new session with RMS and the PK232 and then I will post the logfile from RMS and a screen dump from the session with putty for analysis.

    73 Ruud PD0RH
  7. K4HYJ

    K4HYJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have a couple of old PK232's. I dusted them off to try RMS Express. One of them works great and the other does not work at all (the MBX version works).

    I called Timewave, Randy (the owner/engineer) that now owns AEA, was not there, but the gentleman on the line said you must have the ROM version that supports the MBX option to use with RMS Express.

    You can still purchase the MBX daughter board as an upgrade from Timewave which will include the newest ROM version 7.2). I have upgraded an old PK with the MBX board and it is basically 15 minutes worth of work. You may find a PK232MBX on ebay for less than the cost of the upgrade.

    I can sell you one of my old ones if you think you can work out the shipping/customs etc.

  8. PD0RH

    PD0RH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi there posted a screendump from Putty, and the logfile from RMS.
    plse advice still no joy with RMS --> PK232
    Tks 2016-06-09 11_22_29-COM1 - PuTTY.jpg

    Attached Files:

  9. PD0RH

    PD0RH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Hank,
    Do you mean you can sell me a MBX daughter board or a PK232MBX Controller??
  10. PD0RH

    PD0RH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Hank,

    ok, I am starting to get confused now....what exactly are the differances between a PK232 and a PK232MBX?
    I thought only the mailbox, and some memory. Can I not just upgrade the eproms U2 and U3? If I buy another PK232MBX nobody wants my pk232 because it's older....is there anyway to make my pk232 into a mbx model? And how much is this going to cost me??

    This is going to cost me more than I have in my hobbywallet :(

    Tks Ruud

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