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Riley\'s Grandstanding: Promises, promises...

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by Guest, Jan 5, 2002.

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    I found this while doing an unrelated search. Proof that Riley is all show, no action. Focusing on the equipment & not the operators. What is taking so long? 2+ years & still waiting for him to find the crank? Where's the beef, Chief?:

    FCC Sets Sights on Beefed-up 10-Meter Enforcement:

    The FCC's Legal Adviser for Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth says hams can expect more rigorous enforcement on 10 meter issues next year. Over the Labor Day weekend, Hollingsworth told visitors to the Shelby Hamfest in North Carolina that the next area of enforcement would be the encroachment of unlicensed individuals into the 10-meter band and a crackdown on illegal RF amplifiers. His announcement drew loud applause from the Shelby crowd.

    Hollingsworth elaborated on the comments this week in an interview concerning this and other enforcement issues.

    "We're coming on to ten months of rejuvenated amateur enforcement now, and two issues are clear - two areas we need to really crank up on next year," Hollingsworth said. "One is the incursion into 10 meters by unlicensed operators - CBers and so forth. The other is sales of illegal equipment on the Internet and at hamfests."

    At Shelby, Hollingsworth told the crowd that he'd spotted more illegal equipment at Shelby that he'd seen last May at the Dayton Hamvention. At the Hamvention, FCC Field Office personnel from Detroit warned several vendors about potential violations involving RF amplifiers.

    The Shelby Hamfest, held at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds, is best known for is flea market, not for its forums, but Hollingsworth still managed to draw a standing-room-only crowd for his Sunday morning presentation. After addressing the overflow forum audience, Shelby Hamfest organizers hastily scheduled a second forum and rearranged the room to gain more seating. Hollingsworth was scheduled to appear at the Virginia State Convention in Virginia Beach September 18-19.

    Hollingsworth says he's optimistic that an anticipated FCC internal reorganization that will create a new Enforcement Bureau will occur no later than the end of the year but could be as early as October 1--the start of the new federal fiscal year. Hollingsworth has assured that the change will have no effect on Amateur Radio enforcement efforts.

    Thanks, ARRL Bulletin and John Kanode, N4MM, ARRL Roanoke Division Director.

    September 17. 1999

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