RigPi vs. RigExpert WTI-1?

Discussion in 'Computers, Hardware, and Operating Systems' started by K4CUA, Oct 30, 2019.

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  1. K4CUA

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    I have an ICOM IC-718, and I'm considering using a remote interface.It doesn't have to be perfect, but I think it would be fun and help me get on the air more frequently if I could control my rig from my iPhone or my office PC.

    I've looked at RigPi and RigExpert WTI-1. The WTI-1 offers a wifi computer interface which would work well given the limitations of my shack. I know there would be trade-offs.

    I wondered whether anyone has played with these or other similar interfaces and could offer some insight? I believe my criteria are: something that functions with reasonable reliability, not too difficult to set up, and not terribly expensive.

    I might branch out eventually, but for now I'll be working HF phone on the General frequencies.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.
  2. W4EAE

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    Zero experience with the WTI-1, but the RigPi works very well with my IC-9700 and FT-991A (each using a single usb cable) and my FT-891 which uses USB for CAT and a SignaLink-type device for audio. All of the CAT functions I have saved in the RigPi macros work very well, and the ability of access my radios from any internet connected device with zero software to install is marvelous.

    If you do not need the audio board or keyer (that is, all final connection are USB), you can just purchase the SD card with the RigPi image on it and a $35 Raspberry Pi. I am unaware of any cheaper solution.
  3. K4CUA

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    Thank you, W4EAE. I'm not sure which way I'll go with it, but I'll have some time during the holidays and perhaps make a decision then. I do like the "any internet connected device" possibility.

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