Restoration of the R-390A

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by SV2SBE, Nov 28, 2019.

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  1. SV2SBE

    SV2SBE Ham Member QRZ Page

    im posting here and address of Facebook with the restoration of my R-390A, will upload more photos soon. As by now, have cleaned the chassis, dismantled all the RF module , cleaned, recaped and adjusted, and im waiting more capacitors to use on the other two modules.
    Its my private posting group on facebook, no adds or nothing clever that type. And if i violate some rules on the QRZ please inform me, i will upload here photos too of course, but i need to find some time.

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  2. W2VW

    W2VW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Rebuilding an R390A RF section is plenty to drive someone to use Facebook.
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  3. K2XT

    K2XT Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Those of us who are not Facebook users do not see the photos. We get a Facebook signup page.
  4. SV2SBE

    SV2SBE Ham Member QRZ Page

    76953184_10217700878825272_3611804841505980416_n.jpg 78568089_10217700878385261_8610675066381795328_n.jpg 79184569_10217700878305259_5301481311175704576_n.jpg 76953184_10217700878825272_3611804841505980416_n.jpg

    New toÏ… just arrived, Motorola Unit, starting dissasembly and cleaning
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  5. SV2SBE

    SV2SBE Ham Member QRZ Page

    The difficult part is the Rf unit of course, a lot of grease, dirt, mud,
    72920141_10217700902585866_4887660451996893184_n.jpg 73149821_10217700903225882_1258850516411088896_n.jpg 74389628_10217700904465913_3021015120525393920_n.jpg 76958976_10217700902705869_5790856580735959040_n.jpg 76999779_10217700903345885_3071405777081073664_n.jpg 78081164_10217700904025902_3281202452610678784_n.jpg 78884245_10217700903865898_7129352880489758720_n.jpg 78967204_10217700905025927_2073698927353266176_n.jpg
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  6. SV2SBE

    SV2SBE Ham Member QRZ Page

    after three days of scrubbing, cleaning, 2 liters of solvent, one can of WD40 that's the results
    74483135_10217700931426587_6567158566434635776_n.jpg 78675988_10217700929906549_6595104033139064832_n.jpg

    and now its time to dismantle little more the RF unit, clean the chassis more, and recapping with orange drops.

    76956982_10217700930146555_6951704322933522432_n.jpg 78068437_10217700930546565_4793525158394462208_n.jpg 78352785_10217700930786571_3109988851280510976_n.jpg 78684404_10217700933946650_7323522893038485504_n.jpg
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  7. SV2SBE

    SV2SBE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Finally the mechanical adjust of all the units ( thats was nerve breaking, and the unit is ready to bolt on the chassis.
    76202740_10217700986947975_4147701904031350784_n.jpg 74964080_10217700933026627_5142291586754805760_n.jpg 78095368_10217700932346610_1367544658225266688_n.jpg
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  8. SV2SBE

    SV2SBE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Main chassis was cleaned and sunbathing in Greek sun, and today i received all the caps from Digi Key and starting to recaping the other units.
  9. SV2SBE

    SV2SBE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Antenna relay cleaning day, most of the structure is silver coated. So no aggressive cleaning here. Just love!
    76991666_10217709646284453_114165487767650304_n.jpg 76915253_10217709647324479_4552947139449192448_n.jpg 78041451_10217709647884493_2764506354914689024_n.jpg 77247456_10217709645604436_6102220509737385984_n.jpg 78957021_10217709648324504_5638920609401405440_n.jpg 78809954_10217709648444507_2334974741590310912_n.jpg 78281240_10217709647684488_6510945750996746240_n.jpg 78041451_10217709647884493_2764506354914689024_n.jpg
  10. SV2SBE

    SV2SBE Ham Member QRZ Page

    bad-bad-bad repair. The two cables from the vfo, was TWISTED together only. Replaced with teflon and new silver coated mini-bnc 79513623_10217709736126699_5781481521827282944_n.jpg
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