Remote in Kabul

Discussion in 'SKED - QSO Scheduling' started by KB1PVV, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. K5OP

    K5OP Ham Member QRZ Page

    What callsign are you running with while over there Ron? Haven't seen that posted in the thread yet.

    And would you consider working some 40m voice split? Say transmit around 7080.0 and listen anywhere between 7180.0 to 7290.0 so us lowly Generals can have a shot at working you? Otherwise, I'll be trying to catch you on cw.
  2. KB1PVV

    KB1PVV Ham Member QRZ Page

    My Kabul call ---- T6/KB1PVV

    Hi Jimmy,
    The call is above, and I have been working 40m a lot as it is open most nights, 20m during the day across the band is good to. The problem I have here with the general portion of the band on both 40 and 20m at night is the SW broadcast station in that range. I do try to work inbetween, but so far with not much luck. I will keep trying, and 40m seems better for it. So keep listening. The other option, and give me a week or so is I am fine tuning my MAC CW program, my manual CW is terrible still, so I need the help. Still working out how to get it tuned in to decode correct most of the time. Once I get that I can work the lower portion on CW. The one nice thing is that Afgan Gov gave me rights across the band in line with the ITU band plan so SSB is ok in the lower portion, but not so good since this falls in the CW area in the USA. But as I said up in the normal USA SSB area the QRM from SW station in Asia is terrible but I will try working the split the next few nights. I post what I am doing on the DX Clusters so keep watching

    Thanks for the note
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2008
  3. XV2PS

    XV2PS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Split 5up or down on SSB is in my opinion the reasonable way to work. If you are strong enough to control the crowd, this shall work.

    Splitting 5 to 10 up is just creating a soup of trash. And those making it wider are just thinking the world need them.
  4. PY7CPC

    PY7CPC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Would welcome a contact

    When there is no propagation to the States , I would welcome a contact
    on saturdays and sundays around 16-17:00 UTC on 14.195 Mhz
    73 PY7CPC Peres
  5. KB1PVV

    KB1PVV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Will listen for you

    I will get on this weekend and lets try to hook up and get a good QSO.

  6. M1KTA

    M1KTA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks... from 3b8/m1kta


    posting from my old M3KTA account....

    Thanks for the contact whilst I was dx in 3b8. I had no idea where T6 was so had to ask you.... seriously tnx for the dx cluster spot, shouldn't that have been the other way around? hihi

    BTW I was probably qrp with just 10W into a 4 el yagi on 20m. I ran qrp the whole trip with a few exceptions trying to control a pile up on two days. Was fun trip, thanks for the qso.

    What are you doing in T6? BTW CQ magazine this month didn't list you as a valid T6 operator so you might correct them.


  7. M1KTA

    M1KTA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Running split.... you worked my pile up when I was 3B8/M1KTA


    I am no great DX operator but I have had my share of running a DX station on holidays recently and this is from my limited experience. I would be interested to read your views as well.

    Split up 2 on SSB works if simplex gets difficult, which you can operate most of the time (you need to add a narrow SSB filter for a close split), up 4 or 5is fine. Any more is for the really big Dxpeditions only!

    Note that if you split larger you will not hear all the stations calling you as you will only have a 2-3kHz RX window. Make sure the other frequencies above are not in use or your pile up will trample all over people. I found this the hardest thing to do initially. I know as I made that mistake in 3b8 on SSB during the 2nd night as I am still a new boy running split and a pile up I created caused a few problems with another dx station as I let the split grow uncontrolled, very bad and big mistake and shows my inexperience. The only honourable solution was to go QRT almost immediately, apologise to the other station and qsy elsewhere. I let the pileup know I was moving and would be back in 5 minutes after qsy to nnn MHz qsx on xxx MHz. It cleaned up the mess nicely. I was told and I believe it that it is your responsibility as the DX station to control the split. I remember hearing you bang on where I said I was listening. Clear as a bell signal, even if I had to ask where T6 was hihi.... I never had to move my RX control more that +/- 1kHz in the longest pile up on the last few days of my trip.

    Watch out for some station that might be using your tx frequency in another part of the world which can lead to fun and games. I had some callers who thought they were working a pacific island station at one point. Make sure you state your call often enough so confusion over who you are doesn't happen otherwise the qso you think you have are not really yours but another stations and operators might realise and stomp over the pileup to confirm any qso.

    I found asking operators to give full callsigns only and not to reward those that shout 2 letters 10 times with a qso worked after a fashion too. I guarantee it is easier to pull full ssb callsigns out of a pile up. If you hear two one is loud and you have it completey the other quiet, ask the loud one to wait 2 secs and for the other station to call. I found the pile up went quiet and they loud station knowing you had him will be patient. Likewise if you are qrp ask for other qrp stations the big qro operators will usually wait.

    Maybe I will try you from UK now?


  8. EA5IHM

    EA5IHM XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    Hi Ron,I will be working around Afghanistan this month(April)and was hoping to bring along my FT 817 QRP rig.How do you rate my chances on 20m and could you give me any info on the hassel factor using the rig in Afghanistan.
    Liked your photos.Terry DL2OBT.
  9. NX4TT

    NX4TT Ham Member QRZ Page

    need YA

    I have been there with the USAF but not when you could operate.
    And like many others need it for a new one.. at least stateside..Hi Hi
    Stay safe and will be listening for you..

    Ed NX7TT
    idaho Falls
    MSGT, USAF, Ret
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