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Record Keeping my struggle with 857d and Rigblaster plug and play on WSJT X

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by KI5AIF, Feb 15, 2019.

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  1. KI5AIF

    KI5AIF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have struggled over the past 24 hours to get my YS857d, rigblaster "plug and play" audio interface, and WSJT-X cooperating on my radio. After thankfully getting it all to work I wanted to share my findings here on the forum so the result would be searchable and hopefully help someone else avoid similar frustration in the future.

    Things that got me:
    CAT control not working - I had to set menu option #20 to "CAT". It wouldn't change setting when I first accessed that menu, so I had to do a hard reset and the menu became responsive (manual page 119). Also if you adjust menu #85 (no need to) and it passes through the "tuner" option.. then menu 20 resets to "tuner" as well and must be adjusted.

    CAT control settings through WSJTx work nicely as expected with default serial settings (4800 baud) and RST control of PTT.

    If you are not aware already, the 857d must be placed into data mode to transmit correctly. You won't need VOX if using a rig-control cable, and menu 38 (dig mode) should be set to "user-U" (this basically just means upper sideband sourced from the back panel instead of the microphone)

    No Audio transmitted - If you can plug in headphones to the rigblaster and hear a loud WSJTX transmit tone, AND the radio will key up (indicating CAT control works).... yet no audio or power is transmitted then CHECK THE PHYSICAL CONNECTION OF YOUR CABLE INTO THE RADIO. :) The over-molding on my rigblaster stock mini-din connector interfered with the back metal of the radio to prevent the connector from going in completely. Annoyingly it was seated well enough to feel firm-ish and get the audio OUT working... but not the audio IN circuit. I just clipped some of the plastic away from the corners of the mini-din connector while being careful not to cut or expose any wires and it worked PERFECTLY....

    I chased this error for HOURS. hopefully you will not have to.

    This photo shows the connector after I clipped off the interfering plastic. Works great now!

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  2. AK5KB

    AK5KB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Too late. I had to chase down the connector issue as well. My dremel did the trick in shaping the connector. I have a similar setup with an 857D. I use the MFJ-1204 for an interface. My biggest hangup initially was setting the USB Audio levels in Windows 10, selecting the right audio devices in the WSJT-X software, getting the right jumpers set inside the MFJ-1204, setting digital mode to user-U, etc. The entire audio path had a lot to follow. I had to follow the audio path with a multimeter to find the last issue with the connector. Not sure why Yeasu would build out a radio that has difficulty accepting a standard connector?
  3. KI5AIF

    KI5AIF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    yep. I went through the same process as you did it sounds like. Sorry I didn't get this posted in time to help you! :)
  4. NP4ED

    NP4ED Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello guy's, I'm going trough the same thing. Only thing here Is that I don't have the cat cable from West mountain, what I do have is the 8 pin din and the stereo plug. Do anybody know we're to get the cable combination for the same radio and rbpp?
  5. AK5KB

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