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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by N4INU, Oct 3, 2001.

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  1. N4INU

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    lbesing writes "Rumors have reached us that some folks are experiencing temporary problems reaching the web site for REACT International. The normal site address is This problem is normally due to heavy network congestion on their end, but we wish to tell you the direct IP address for this site is

    The Nimda virus has affected many DNS servers around the world, and it did hit one of the DNS servers feeding the REACT International web server as well. That problem was resolved within hours and new fire wall software has been installed to prevent it from returning.

    The special web page covering the response of REACT members from around the USA and Canada to the tragedies in NYC and DC areas is being kept up to date on a daily basis with reports from the scene. The direct link is tm to reach that page.

    REACT volunteers are still being sought to help staff positions in NYC, and while the Teams in the DC area have not asked for specific help, we are sure they could use some more as time passes. Teams from as far away as Missouri have offered to send manpower. Teams from neighboring states are already on the scene. Some local members are working 18 hour shifts, while others work their normal jobs during the day and then volunteer another 6-8 hours in the evening. One (NYC area) disaster official told a REACT representative that this operation might be on-going for "a couple of months", so we are looking at long term plans.

    Preferences are for licensed GMRS or Amateur users with mobile and/or hand held capabilities. GMRS is the primary communications being used in NYC. All REACT vehicles must have amber lights and REACT identification in order to enter the secured areas. Members must be in REACT uniform with proper identification. More information is available from the REACT International web site mentioned above. If you are not currently licensed for GMRS or Amateur, there may be other support positions and duties which do not require you to operate a radio, so feel free to volunteer anyway. We stress that you should not simply show up to volunteer without being pre-approved and assigned to a specific location and duty.

    Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience visitors to the REACT International site may have experienced in the past couple of days due to the effects of that virus attack, but the site is up and functioning normally at present time."
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