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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by WA2SI, Jan 17, 2002.

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    Hi Allen,

    "Now before I get flamed by pro CB'ers, as I am not anti-CB, is this may be a very fine rig. But could someone explain to me why a CB needs are "true" freq. display. I know a long time ago they did, but Now? Now there may be some reason that I may not be aware of that some might need a true freq. display for legal reason, and if so, then I do appoligies."

    Sure, I'd be happy to. Actually, you've answered your own question earlier in your post.

    "But when I started out in CB if someone were to say goto 26.965, I would have tried channels 26 or 27. not channel 1."

    You see, CB (Or 11-meters, if you prefer.) has evolved over the years into a hobby radio service for many (And I do mean MANY!) ...despite never being intended as such. Many folks want to see what frequency they're on and get more familiar with MHz and KHz rather than "channels." This goes back to the days of the venerable Cobra 2000, the CPI series, the Radio Shack TRC-485, and more recently, the Galaxy DX2547. (A fairly attractive rig!)

    "Personally I think that that the FCC should look REAL close at this radio. I mean if they want to make life a hassle for Ham radio companies, why not do the same to CB radio companies."

    Agreed!...well, sort of. I think the FCC should look REAL close at the users. Modifiable rigs have been around since Fred Flintstone (K0RG) first fired up his "Stoner" 10-meter rig. I use a Ten-Tec transverter with a 10-meter rig (HR-2510) and, quite frankly, I need to have that rig go from 26.0000 to 29.9999 MHz to take full advantage of the transverter and cover the entire 4 MHz of the 2-meter band.

    "Anyways, just wanted to get some others input on this subject."

    Hope that helped. BTW, the Midland has a lousy receive section. (And $200 is about par for the course.) Most anybody'll tell you that receive section is the most important part of the rig. These won't sell to well, trust me. Take it easy and and have a Happy New Year. :)

    73 de Bert

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