Re: We are witnessing the dawn of a new era in RAD

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KB7GJY, Jan 28, 2002.

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  1. KB7GJY

    KB7GJY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well I'll post my 2 cents worth (thats about all I can spare, saving for a 706).

    This is a cool idea. Is it radio, well yes it is.. will it catch on, it might. Will it become the mainstay of amateur radio, I think not. Why? Well honestly, I look at I-link as a form of voice chat with thoughs that are in the hobby. Yes it uses the amatuer radio waves to talk to thoughs that have radios, and could be used in certain amatuer civil funtions. But, I will state why I believe this is not true radio.. Make a long distance call on a "land line", more then likely your phone call has been transmitted over the air via Satelitte. Or make a cell call to a friend, still uses radio waves just a diffrent freq.

    Where I could see this being used is in linking repeaters that have marginal paths between the repeaters, or dedicated links. I could see it and that has been used in the past via a rev. phone patch. I could further see remote bases that via touch tones link to other repeaters useing I-link. But for me to say that it is a dawn of a new era, I think not.. I think for the most part that unless a radio is used to both trans/recieve the signals, at your station then it isn't "true" radio.

    I myself, have had problems to even try it.. d/led the software and sent my call, etc. waited for it to be verified, and then finnaly it was verified, and that is it.. tried to link to a couple systems and it just sat there.. never linked up, even though I got the connect sound.. still got the STANDBY DECODING. I let it set for an hour waiting.. Oh well maybe someone will tell me what i need to check to get it to work..

    Anyhow, Cool idea, and I can see where it could be used.. but it isn't a dawn of a new era, at least in my mind..


    Allen --------- KB7GJY ---------- Spokane, Washington

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