Re: Riley Backs Down Once More Over Repeater Sanctions

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by Guest, Jan 24, 2002.

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    If the FCC has a finite budget, why waste the money on issuing an order only to back down when contested? If all he wanted was to keep PQW off of NUT's repeater, why not just impose that sanction upon him? It is clearly an attempt at appearing tough but lacking the guts to back it up. It really seems to be an emerging pattern that if you contest the "charges" made by Mr. Hollingsworth, you will cause him to backpedal. He is not the tough guy he tries to portray himself as. The only ones who fear him are the ones to be intimidated by his position.

    It is a sad day when a lawbreaker is allowed to have his sentence reduced by continuing to break the law after judgement is made against him. Sorenson is a habitual offender, has shown flagrant contempt for the law & should have been dealt with even more severely. Instead, Mr. Hollingsworth has given him what he was willing to accept. That is really "tough", isn't it?

    It is unfortunate that there are no true examples of "tough enforcement" for others to fear. It is no wonder that 10M has become a cespool of unlicensed bliss. Let the party continue cause the cops will never show up!

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