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Re: Riley Backs Down Once More Over Repeater Sanctions

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by WR6S, Jan 24, 2002.

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  1. WR6S

    WR6S Ham Member QRZ Page

    Every once in a while a bit of music isnt a problem. But for 16 years hahaha?. im sorry,i guess i got it wrong,we must not be talking about 435, 460,or any of the other ridiculous machines out there.,sorry.... But,if we are, AND there is a real audio link, if ANYONE wants a laugh,go check it out. You will be absolutely disgusted with the fcc enforcement ,or lack of. im serious,you wont believe it, and then you will say the fcc needs a bit of help if they dont WANT to do anything about this repeater. or cant afford to do something ABOUT THE MOST COMPLAINED ABOUT REPEATER IN THE COUNTRY. ok,ill give you limited resources. That excuse goes out the window for THE MOST COMPLAINED ABOUT REPEATER IN THE COUNTRY. What, i repeat WHAT,is THE PROBLEM!%^*#,GEEZ,i guess they could sell pins and get some money for enforcement, FOR THE MOST COMPLAINED ABOUT REPEATER IN THE COUNTRY? ,
    Short form for complaints. email direct to fcc. the more complaints the more scrutiny. [offcourse doesnt work fo rthe MOST COMPLIANED ABOUT REPEATER IN THE COUNTRY.
    volunteer OO force,directed by the FCC or ARRL. train them and give them teeth. no single man units. they work in teams,to prevent computer web sites being cited for amateur abuse [hehe].
    Liason hams for local law enforcement. trained hams,maybe retired cops,give training to local law enforcement and assist. this prevents some hams from becoming RADIO POLICE. [And you know what i mean by radio police,wannabees etc,failed psyches,etc...]
    once a fine is imposed,IT IS COLLECTED. No more plea bargains. Why spend the money to enforce if it aint gonna be backed up. For those of you that dont like my AINT, tough.
    No more EXCUSES from the fcc. Anyone that wants to colaborate with me on a BUSINESS plan and DIRECTION of enforcement, email me direct. Hopefully we can get a mag to publish it,or the ARRL to back it and start earning THEIR status,OR LACK OF.
    volunteer PROACTIVE hams go out to illegal shops selling ILLEGAL radios. We wont even go into the radios that are easily modified. The FCC dont have resources,we will make it easy. bUT we want action AND A BIT OF backing from them.
    And here is a suggestion i got from email THAT MOST PROBABLY WONT LIKE. Lets GET THESE IDIOTS LICENSED. Ill bet that 50 percent of them will be very good hams once they learn it doesnt take hardly anything to get the no code license. And dont say im bashing no code. i teach no code and do licensing. email verification available upon request,along with the investigation i recently did on a illegal cb shop.
    Lobby the reps for more money for the FCC. And give them a time frame. No action,No job. nuff said......
    A 10,000 fine is a 10k fine. once levied there IS NO REPRIEVE.
    Finally,if you say this stuff wont work. dont bother unless you have some other ideas. i really dont like the "thats the way it is" thing. Accepting mediocrity is akin to accepting complaisency. For the enforcement types out there,you know what that means. 73 all,patdm14

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