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Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by K9STH, Dec 8, 2001.

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  1. K9STH

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    You don't have the "best" situation!

    You can try adding ferrite to the power cords on your computer and monitor (also anything else that runs on AC power that is connected to the computer). Also add ferrite to any speaker leads (right at the computer), your mouse (again right at the computer). If you can't find any ferrite devices that are large enough for the power cords, sometimes you can go inside the cases and add 0.005 mfd disc ceramic capacitors (at least 600 volts, 1000 volts is better) from both sides of the line cord input to ground. The speaker and mouse leads can use the "clamp on" type of filters that are available from Radio Shack.

    Also, what are you doing for a ground on your transmitting equipment? You need to get a ground if you don't have one. That will help immensely if you don't have one.

    Glen, K9STH

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