Re: Politics,rants and raves!!!!

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by NN6EE, Jan 5, 2002.

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  1. NN6EE

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    Excuse me??? You're the MO'FO who made the false allegations towards me, sure I'm getting nasty now and deservedly so!!! There were no endorsement stickers, that I know of, and now you as a up-holder of the "TRUTH-SQUAD" infer that I was'nt telling the truth about being an OO, and now you want further proof??? SCREW U!!!........Now You Shut-up!!!!! You brought this upon yourself!!! THE BOYZ OUT HERE CAN MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS WITHOUT HAVING TO LISTEN TO YOU SPEW CRAP!!!....JD/nn6ee
    PS, You do not deserve the status of: "MODERATOR"!!!
    And as usual you've always ingnored my requests!!! Who are the people who made thes erroneous comments about me??? WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF??? ARE YOU SCARED THAT THEY MAY "SUE" YOU for devulging PRIVILEGED INFORMATION that I will use against you and them!!! You can frigg'n count on that BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You started this, not ME!!! Now you can pay the consequences of public ridicule!!!..,JD/nn6ee

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