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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by K9STH, Jan 3, 2002.

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  1. K9STH

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    Frankly, I agree with you! I probably should have been more specific. However, I was trying to get my point across without unduly embarrassing the individual.

    I will give one example from information that I have received and let the remainder stay "under wraps" since I am trying to avoid a "flame war". The following is a direct quotation from recent E-Mails to me. The persons involved will not be identified per their request, but they are definitely in a position to have all of the facts.

    "His postings are not accurate, not truthful, and in most cases intentionally misleading, because he knows everyone does not know his background. For example 'he was an OO for 10 years, from 1972 to 1982'; this claim is not supported by the then OOC, K6TI, Carson Taylor. Mr. Taylor relates he applied for but was not accepted due to his 'on the air' infractions. He was asked to change his ways way back then; but refused and has had it in for Mr. Taylor and the OO Program ever since. Mr. Taylor, still alive, was an OO/OOC for over 60 years of his license grant."

    I would suggest contacting the ARRL to verify this. They maintain records of who was appointed what and for how long. I have not been an ARRL member since the 1970s (I do not believe that they represent my interests and views). But, I have nothing "against" them nor any of their programs including the Official Observer program. In the past, I have run into a couple of OO(s) who were "way off base" including one who issued hundreds of reports for people being 910 KHz out of the band. It took several letters to the ARRL from various amateur radio operators before this OO would admit that his single conversion, 455 KHz i.f. receiver, had an image problem!

    If I remember correctly, this whole pattern of discussion came about from a single OO who was even sending out cards for Internet web site content. I definitely agree that this is absurd! Also, I agree that amateurs should be able to discuss virtually any topic so long as the conversation does not get profane, and I'm not talking about a "damn" or "hell" reference, but more of the absolute profane words (you know which ones I am referring to!). For many years there has been a "gentlemen's agreement" not to discuss politics, sex, or religion on the air. But, as far as I am concerned, if a group of amateurs do wish to discuss these things, then they should definitely be able to do so. I do not feel "right" discussing these things on the air (too many years of them being "off limits"!), but I do not believe that such discussions should be censored as long as the language is relatively "clean".

    I am trying to do the same thing as one of the moderators of I definitely do not agree with lots of the subject matter that comes up in the threads. Sometimes I will post a rebuttle if I disagree, other times I just "hold my tongue" (well, don't type on my keyboard). It is only when things degenerate into personal attacks, profanity, etc., that I step in. Also, some of the "troublemakers" post comments on several threads that have to do with each other and not necessarily the thread to which the comment is attached. If you don't read all of the threads, then you might not understand the entire situation.

    As for the "comment" about him and the FCC, Jim has made postings on in the past wherein he stated that he had never had any bad dealings with the FCC. Then, he has admitted to such within the past couple of days. This is "self explanatory".

    I have received several E-Mails from NN6EE personally attacking me as well as his attempts to do so within the confines of What I am attempting to do is to get Jim, and a few others, to "calm down" and quit trying to get personal attention by "stirring the pot". I do not "hate" anyone who is posting on these forums. I do not have any personal vendettas against anyone. I am just trying to keep a "lid" on those very few persons who insist on "pushing the limits" day after day, just like my almost 3 year old grandaughter does with my daughter! Kaela is very "stubborn" (like most 2 and 3 year olds) and keeps pushing and has to be made aware of the true limits of permissible behavior. The same thing is true of a very few persons who post hereon. They act like 2 year olds, pushing their limits, and wanting attention.

    I definitely do not like to "ban" anyone. In fact, I have only ever actually "banned" two individuals. One of these was a complete "nut" case who's personal attacks on other users came day after day, sometimes several in a day. The other person insisted on posting obscene photos. Both of these persons tried getting back on by using several different i.d.(s). They both had to be banned via other means. One of these still E-Mails me about once a month with all sorts of comments about "free speech", calling everyone a "Communist", etc. I just ignore him!

    Again, I definitely agree that I should have "backed up" my original post.

    Anyway, please, let's get back to discussing things in a rational, non-profane, and non-personal manner. Life is too short to get "bogged down" with such "petty" things!

    Glen, K9STH

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