Re: If You\'re Going to Trash CB\'ers, Read This!

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W4SE, Jan 16, 2002.

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  1. W4SE

    W4SE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I only saw the first two messages, so with that HEY HOW ABOUT THIS (Please read carefully)! I think That a law should be passed that says NOBODY should be able to purchase an HF transmitter or transceiver without a ham license OR, OR, maybe even have one serviced without a ham ticket !! And for the law to be enforced (Kinda like the way people are done at the store when purchasing a 12 pack) . Over time Without being able to purchase new ones or used ones from ham suppliers or ebay and etc. etc. or haveing one serviced would nockem down some I would think . I bet most illegal CBers would NOT be able to fix there own rig, some would though, but a small number of them. But we do run into one Problem, CB'S , they transmit on an HF band and be modified right !!! That makes it hard . One question, Why was 11m selected for CB any how ???? Why not a VHF or UHF band or something ????? I could think of a few more I am sure . 73's to all Hams, Sam

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