Re: If You\'re Going to Trash CB\'ers, Read This!

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by K9STH, Dec 11, 2001.

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  1. K9STH

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    Illegal operation is illegal operation no matter whether or not an amateur license it held. However, the FCC "comes down harder" on those who are caught who do have an amateur license of any class. Take a look at the FCC doings on the ARRL web site and see what the fines have been for those amateur who have been caught operating outside of the amateur bands (like in the neighborhood of $10K plus forfitting their equipment, loss of license, etc.).

    Any "freebander" is operating illegally and the FCC has "stepped up" enforcement of those who are operating illegally. I sincerely hope every "freebander" is caught and fined, especially those persons who do hold an amateur license since they DEFINITELY know better!

    I agree that a small percentage of amateur radio operators do operate outside of the amateur bands. This is a disgrace to the amateur community. However, it is also a reflection of the "me first" generation who put personal satisfaction above obeying the law. The same holds true for "CBers" who operate illegally. Also, amateur radio operators who modify non-type accepted VHF FM equipment to transmit on commercial frequencies are breaking the law as well. The FCC has levied some very severe fines on organizations, including police, fire, and other public safety organizations, that have used amateur equipment on the frequencies licensed to them.

    Any person who operates legally on the 11 meter unlicensed CB band (and this includes running legal power, type-accepted equipment) should not be criticized by amateur radio operators. However, those persons, including licensed amateur radio operators, who are operating illegally, including "freeband", are definitely "open season" for those persons, both CB and licensed amateur operators, who are operating legally.

    If it were me, I would definitely never admit to operating illegally since you never know where the FCC is lurking! By admitting freely that you are operating illegally, you give the FCC all the ammunition it needs to take legal actions against you. Do you want to loose your operating privileges for the remainder of your life? Do you want to be banned from ever owning again a piece of equipment that can transmit? If you really want this, then continue to operate illegally and definitely continue to "brag about it"!

    Glen, K9STH

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