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Re: fcc enforcement direction worrisome

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by WR6S, Jan 4, 2002.

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  1. WR6S

    WR6S Ham Member QRZ Page

    thanks for the precedents..pretty vague,but i think the definitions are vague in all forums,not just our hobby. however,when it comes to children,i think society as a whole has no problem defining problem areas. with adults and varying experience/communities/circles etc, it is a bit harder. offcourse there has to be someone that determines what is acceptable and not,and that is usually the group that is the focus of the conversation. on a lighter note! i did abit o finvestigation today. it wil cost me 35 bucks to get a CB modified,he happily told me. i asked if there were any that would do 12 meters. he told me he could get some radios that would "do everything". he was very proud of his ability,and told me to drop on by the shop and pick ut whateve ri needed. BUT,the biggest amplifier he had was 750 watts. bummer.....hahaha. further investigation revealed he had "about 50"units in stock and ready to go. when asked if i needed a license, i was told that "the cops dont care"..i almost laughed,because he was right. i guess he was execising his right to free speech,free enterprise, and rules that seem to only apply to the guys that do what society expects. get a license,get the right gear,keep everything tight,dont say anything that someone else listening MIGHT think is obscene to them,might not agree with what THEY think. i can get done by one complainent that could take things out of context,or just plain lives in a hole. i do keep things tight,dont swear to much except fo rthe occasional slip,and follow the rules. BUT DARN if im not gonna start speaking out about the faulty mangement at the FCC. i am embarrassed for them. 73,pat[if someone wants to know this place,which is a booming operating business,email me direct and i will digital pic a business card i got today]

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