Re: fcc enforcement direction worrisome

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KB7GJY, Jan 3, 2002.

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  1. KB7GJY

    KB7GJY Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is very true and I have to agree some of the things that the FCC decides to enforce, makes me wonder at times, and some of the infractions they go after.. But here is a question.. What do they see that we don't see/hear about.. As with any investigation there is alot of information that is not made public. Now, not being employed by the FCC I do not know what level of information and facts, etc they need to proceed.. I would imagine that like anything, the more then better. I also do not know who they have to show everything they have obtained to, inorder to proceed with fines, etc.

    Granted, The speeder in the school zone is an exream example (Which he did goto jail on several charges), but basicly I guess, I overshot what i was trying to get across, which is, we all make mistakes.. Some get nailed for it others do not. Yes, I would love to see allot of these freebanders get charged, as I would also like to see hams that are out of band with knowledge, get fined and loss all radio privliges.. But that is another topic..

    I think the FCC should still go after whoever that breaks the rules/regs/laws.. While still focusing on the bigger fish.. I mean I look at small fish as exceeding the 10 minute limit, or transmitting near a band edge and haveing a very small part of the transmittion stray out of band..

    Also, to qoute you...
    if i got arrested or cited by an officer for a misdemeanor based on "someone elses"observations, i would take that officer to court,civily.

    Well I think I know what you are trying to say, but look at it this way. Hams try and self-police themselves, which is simular to loss prevention officers (IE security guards or store detectives, non-law enforcement). They observe cirtain crimes and can detain and have people arrested of misdemeanor, IE shoplifting, and other petty crimes. Off thoughs observations, at least currently, we can make the arrest on a misdemeanor we did not personaly observe. So it is sort-of the same thing, "we" as hams help collect the evidance for the FCC and send it to them. It makes their job alot easier really.. As for in my state and my info is a little out of date, but Washington State has only 2 FCC enforcement officers, and Washington is a larger state. So we as hams need to help out..

    I doubt we will see anymore enforcement officers working for the FCC anytime soon, because that is a low priority to government right now.. I think that is what we need to do though is get more enforcement personel out on the streets.. But thoughs are my thoughts.. (granted long winded but what ham isn't long winded, hi hi)

    Allen --------- KB7GJY ---------- Spokane, Washington

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