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Re: fcc enforcement direction worrisome

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by WR6S, Jan 3, 2002.

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  1. WR6S

    WR6S Ham Member QRZ Page

    im glad this was posted because it will help me make a point,on the original subject and one i feel is the most important. I want the fcc to go after the big fish. i want them to STOP wasting time on range wars little violations etc.. IF the FCC were to use the same analogy," because i cought you and you PREVENTED me "[paraphrased] they would be finally shut down by a very dissapointed public. why? because that is no where near a valid excuse to completely FAIL at one portion of thier assigned duties. enforcement. enforcement you ask?,they ARE enforcing! but what are they enforcing? small things.things that dont matter much. things that could be enforced by others [OO] things that dont need THE EXPERTISE that the FCC has and doesnt seem to want to use in the proper ways and areas. i would like ot hear some valis ideas any one has on how the FCC could IMPROVE. finally,, stopping someone doing 80 in a school zone is a PRIORITY in every state,depending on the expertise of the officer,it could even be felonious. so good job on stopping that person. if i got stopped by an officer i would have the right to go to court. if i got arrested or cited by an officer for a misdemeanor based on "someone elses"observations, i would take that officer to court,civily. dont think i can do that with the government.maybe im wrong,or not rich? i wish the FCC would concentrate on misdemeanors and felonies,not fishing for guppies in a stream when there are sharks out there. be safe. rule number 2,a well fed cop is a happy cop..i cant say rule number one here but it deals with going home EVERY NIGHT HAHA,73,pat

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