Re: fcc enforcement direction worrisome

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by K9STH, Jan 3, 2002.

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  1. K9STH

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    We are starting to get "personal" again. Keep on topic or I'll shut this thread down! As I have said before, no profanity and no personal attacks! I don't agree with a lot of what has been said (actually what has been written) on the topic. However, I definitely don't shut things down for my "pleasure" (whether or not I agree with the topic). But, when things degenerate into name-calling and profanity, then I WILL shut it down!

    Jim, I know that you are dying to get "banned" so that you can "scream to high heaven" about being persecuted, loss of free speech, etc. Frankly, sometimes you surprise me and actually make some rational, well thought, statements. But, you know when you are "stirring the pot", and do it to get attention. As I have said before, please give it a rest!

    Sometime back you said that you had never had any "dealings" with the FCC (dealings in the "bad" sense) and now you admit to having had some. In addition, I have been contacted by numerous persons (with absolute knowledge) with the details of some of your dealings, incorrect claims, etc. I won't embarrass you by making these "public", but you have definitely overstated your credentials.

    As I have indicated before, please follow these instructions:

    1. Remove foot from mouth.

    2. Be sure that brain is functioning before re-engaging mouth (or, in your case, keyboard).

    Everyone, please remember that you are a "guest" on The site owner is providing a SERVICE to the amateur radio community. But, that service does not give a "free hand" to say anything that you desire. I am not a "prude", but do believe that any remarks made on these forums shouldn't go beyond a "PG" rating. Remember, there are a lot of young persons who do read the comments as well as those older persons who are from the "old school" and are offended by profanity and personal attacks.

    If you want to engage in the "R" and "X" conversations, there are plenty of sites on the Internet where you are welcome. However, is not one of these! Or, if you are so inclined, establish your own web site which you can control as you see fit!

    Glen, K9STH

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