Re: fcc enforcement direction worrisome

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by NN6EE, Jan 3, 2002.

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  1. NN6EE

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    Dear Glen,
    Un-fortunately you yourself are getting caught up in this thread's CONTROVERSIAL subject by accusing me of insulting people while ALL ALONG you've been doing EXACTING the same thing to me and others out here on this PUBLIC FORUM, and it's PUBLIC because anyone can log on with a name or a call and start blabbing!!! Obviously if this was a PRIVATE FORUM it's use would no doubt be by invitation ONLY, like a CLOSED REPEATER SYSTEM which we're all, I'm sure, familiar with!!! Now as far as my dealing with ROLEY is concerned, that in itself should have been handled as PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATIONS between he and I alone, the same that would happen with client/lawyer privacy!!! This should apply to ALL cases being handled by him concerning so-called offenses. Also, I really don't give a hooter's damn about what anyone else has written to you about me, negative no-doubt, in that it could only come from a few individuals who caused the problems in the first place!!! I brought all this up to prove TO ALL that I'm neither ashamed of anything that had transpired, I might add now 1 whole YEAR AGO, nor will I hide into the nothingness of obscurity!!! I'll stand up AGAINST ANYONE either here or via the radio waves to tell what in my opinion is the truth!!! Whether anyone else out here believes me or not isn't important, I've proven to everyone especially all MY FRIENDS, which are numerous, whether here on QRZ or through using the amateur radio bands, that I'm the kind of man who, yes, is opinionated, but also sticks to his guns at crunch-time!!! So to all those who have thrown poop at me whenver, I'll say BYTE ME!!! To all those who RATIONALLY listen and "UNDERSTAND" I'll say "THANKS"!!! Because no one could really ask for anything more!!!
    So in conculsion BOYZ "We're not going to disappear from any PUBLIC FORUM, whether here or from any of the frequencies available to me via Amateur Radio from HF to UHF!!!.......JD/nn6ee
    PS, This has been a general STATEMENT not a mean-spirited diatribe with many cuss-words and other nasty tidbits!!!

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