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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KB7GJY, Jan 2, 2002.

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  1. KB7GJY

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    Quote w6ibd
    "RE: "Here we go again???" Sir, at least not all of us are SHEEP like yourself who really don't give a FLYING-FART about what's right!!! I supported one radio club for well over 20yrs in everyway possible including Repeater up-keep!!! Why do I choose not to be a member now??? Because of their brand of politics!!! Ummmmm??? Let's see, Ummmm are'nt ALL LAWS made to be interpreted??? Does'nt the FCC and Roley do that like everyother Judge and Lawyer??? Of course they do Sir, so we private citizens have as much of a right to do that as THEY DO!!!"

    To answer your statement/question.. Yes and No.. Let me try and make this clear so it is easily understood Sir. Yes you have the same right to interpret the rules/regs/laws as you see fit, but you should not whine about it when the people who further have the "DUTY" to enforce the rules/reg/laws, disagree and warn/fine/suspend your license because they and other believe/intrupret the rules/regs/laws diffrently then yourself..

    If I were to come over to your house and use your station illegaly whould you stop me? or just let me do it? Even if you were the one that controled the station, IE pushing the PTT button? That is what a C.O. has done.. If he/she feels that rules have/may be broken then they have a obligation to make sure that "THEIR" station is not used in that fastion. Further they could make a rule stating that you had to thank the repeater owners even 10 mins that you use their repeater, if they choose to. It is their "RIGHT" because it is their equipment that you are using. Basicly if you don't like the rules, go do something else. If I don't like the rules to baseball I don't go out and play baseball with a bunch of people that expect the rules to be followed and cause a big fuss and distroy they good time, I do the "Right" thing and do something else.. WHY? not because i am a "Sheep" as you called me, which I do not take kindly to, but because I know that their is Right and Wrong, and it would be wrong for me to expect everyone else to bend to what i want, whenever I want. I mean has this been a resent change in the rules and regs and operating practices that has caused you to willfully violate the rules and regs? I still think as I do not have a copy of the rules and regs that if there is not a rule that covers a certain problem then you need to go with the guidelines and good operating practices.. or was I misinformend?

    What I see here is what has been discribed to me as what will be the end of Amateur radio, and where every station will be required to keep a lawyer on retainer just to make sure that you are ready if a person should sue you for not allowing them to operate your equipment..

    To me it is very simple.. If they don't want you on it, don't.. seems simple enough to me, but what do I know, I have only enforced traffic laws and criminal laws. And goodness knows that if there isn't a law or a rule or a reg that prohibites someone from doing something that everyone else just shakes their head in wonder, then it should be allowed.. Lets just call the FCC and as that they make 9 billion rules and regs and laws so only lawyers can figure it out and not the ham who will acutualy be operating.. I mean that makes total sense doesn't it.. the rules and Regs were ment to give us the peramiters to operate, But I guess by reading these forums maybe it is needed that one needs a law degree to operate a amateur station, and the rules and regs need updateing as there is always someone that is looking for a loophole.. Maybe the test should no longer be of a technical nature but a heck of alot more on opertations of a trasmiter..

    All I can say is this.. At least here in Spokane, the hams are still real friendly, and willing to help one another out and even teach classes to help others upgrade. Operators, for the most part, are very good, and they will be the first ones to police themselves to make sure that they do not break the rules and regs, and not PI$$ of a C.O. because it would be alot cheaper for the C.O. to just go up to the mountain top and pull down the repeater, IE not Power bills, maintance, equipment, etc.. It is the ingrates that just tork me off, and I am sorry for getting on my soap box, but this, excuse the expression, STUPID arguement is just that.. Stupid..

    Want to solve the problem.. Very simple.. Put up your own *(&^%(^% repeater, use it how you wish, if you get nailed with a fine, then so be it.. just don't come crying to me.. Because i have been there and have tracked down Illegal ops who "THOUGHT" they had a right to operate a transmitter. They have now been educated. Yes the FCC does enforce the laws, but if they were only going after the "big fish" all the time others would be unhappy.. I have heard the same thing, "Why officer did you write me a ticket, when there are rapist, and murders running around"? My answer, is "Because I cought you, and you prevented me from going after them. If you didn't do 80 M.P.H. in a school zone, I wouldn't have needed to waste my time with you..

    I have also served, and for that I can say, good job.

    BTW, no I have not read every part of 97.. But you know what, I just might, just so the next time so dip tells me I haven't then I can say YES I have, have you? It amazes me how people pick and choose which rules and regs they wish to follow.. It is truely sad that rules and regs are even needed for the amateur bands, as I wished everyone would just do right.. I would like to be without a job, because everyone did the "right thing". But I am sure I will be in no worries about employment for a long long time, as people always want to take the easy way out...

    Sir, Happy holidays, And may you see the error of your ways.

    Like you stated, This is my opinion, take it or leave it..

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