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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KB7GJY, Jan 20, 2002.

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  1. KB7GJY

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    While I have to agree, the fcc does take it's weet time doing stuff, I can only hope there is more going on behind the screen then "we" are aware of. I do wish the fcc would publish a weekly report to the public informing them of current investigations actively being worked. this could be use both for PR and calm some of the hams that are worried about the fcc doing little to nothing about certain problems, and would show the illegal operators that they are being watched. This is simular to the police blotter system some small towns use to alert their citizens on what the cops are doing. Granted major cases don't get entered into the PR releases until the investigation is completed. I think that would be a very cheap and easy way to solve some of the problems. As I stated in a post a while ago, about a CB radio that displays the freq. and is very easily modded. Granted this radio isn't the top of the line radio, but still goes to show the growing trend by manufactures to, IMO, make it easier for some to break the rules. CB is 40 channels, that is it.. I still see no reason for CB'ers to have a need for the acutual freq. being displayed. I still think that the fcc should spend more time inforcing the cb end of things, IE both illegal operation power limits, out of band, etc. This band has basicly been given free run.. do as you want and how you want. It looks as though the fcc has throughn in the towel on these problems.. which they may have. Hense why the enforcement of 20 meters. Who knows.. Just some thoughts.

    Allen ------------ KB7GJY ----------- Spokane, Washington

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