Re: FCC at work?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by K7PIG, Jan 21, 2002.

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  1. K7PIG

    K7PIG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Howdy folks. Been rather b u s y getting the final stages of mobile station ready for trials.
    One comment of many, it would be nice for us (Hams) to be a bit informed on some behind the action information the FCC is doing with Illegals on 10 meters. It isn't top secret.
    I know a few of us here, posting, have prepared logs & tapes and sent them in to FCC with no nothing said for the efforts put forth-sad.
    An idea struck me with this issue guy's: We all are of a basic understanding of what isn't being done by the FCC (unlicensed operator's on 10 meters). Could this be done; the FCC contracts out the enforcement duties even though the contractor is enforcing Federal Laws? Contractor's make lots (boo-koo) dollars, their business is to make money in a professional manner. Making money for themselves and our Federal Government? Insert-We know the money made for Uncle will have already have been spent; sent overseas or building another one hole latrine 80 miles in the Desert with no roads leading to the one-holer.
    Contract out enforcement? The contract WILL GET HIS MONEY more so then Uncle.
    Quick Search Warrants issued, confiscation of equipment on-the-spot, Federal Marshal and Local Police on-the-spot if really needed, the Court System notified immediately of pending Federal Violator action taken.
    I think it could be a possible solution, I'm not a lawyer or Federal Employee so, I don't know the Contractor/US Federal possibilities.

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