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Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W4KP, Jan 24, 2002.

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  1. W4KP

    W4KP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey, keep trying. Don't give up. You're too close now.
    Let me give you my experience. I missed the 20WPM 3 times, twice in one session. I was really bummed, but I kept on trying.
    I like what one of the replies said: Listen to what the Gordon tapes are tying to tell you.

    If I may, allow me to give a couple of suggestions:
    1. Write it down. Don't just listen. I learned more and faster by writing the code down as it came to me. I found that just listening helped me to concentrate on catching words, but when I moved to trying to write it down, I would get lost. Practice writing it down as it comes. Don't press, but let the code come to you. Then letters start to become words.
    2. Do you have a receiver of some sort? If so, about three times a week, listen to W1AW code practice. The sessions are about 45 minutes long and vary in speeds. They have different times in the evenings on various frequencies and bands.
    When I was working on my 20 WPM, I would listen to 35 WPM; it sounded like a blur. But that's ok; just listen. Soon, you'll pick out an "E" or a "T", and then other letters and numbers will come. And then you'll hear the work "the".
    Hint: the text of the messages are from the pages of QST, and they always give the page numbers at the first part of the message. Listen for the numbers and see if you can catch a "1" or something. Don't worry about missing 20 charactors in a row at a really fast pace. It's ok. Just listen and write down what you hear.
    THEN, after about 10 minutes, pop in your 8wpm tape, or 5 or whatever, and listen to the code and write down what comes to you.
    Don't over do it at one study session. 20 to 30 minutes at a sitting was enough for me. But, do it everyday, just like eating.

    And by the way, nobody has braggin' rights. NOBODY. Everybody is to help others get better. By the way, you ever hear my call on the air, give me a shout.


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