Raspberry Pi ADS-B Receiver

Discussion in 'RFinderPi - Open Source radio interface based on R' started by WL7CG, Aug 9, 2017.

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  1. WL7CG

    WL7CG Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    The setup will be to receive ADS-B signals with a FlightAware Pro Stick, no tx or TAPR shield installed. I was hoping it was the ethernet connection, since I just hooked that up. It definitely impacts my HF radio when it is powered up. Need to find a metal case, not something available locally.
  2. VA3VF

    VA3VF Guest

    Yes, I remember you saying that ADS-B reception is the goal. Ethernet...humm, I never used ethernet with the RPi3. It's been Wi-Fi from the very beginning for me.
  3. WL7CG

    WL7CG Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    The last of the parts showed up today. I got the receiver up and running with no issues. Already picked up some aircraft with the antenna just hung outside the window. Eventually it goes on the peak of the roof.


    Found my noise problem, it was the power supply for the pi. Powering things off the USB connection on the shack computer until I find a suitable replacement. Now I will need another pi.
  4. KA9JLM

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  5. SM0XHJ

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    I have a number of RP's, both version 2 and 3, and have never noticed any RFI problems from them. How do you power it? Many "cheap" USB chargers are notorious for their EMI problems.
  6. VA3VF

    VA3VF Guest

    I never found one of these adapters to be able to supply enough current to a loaded RPi3. I ended up using a more powerful adapter from some other disposed piece equipment, and using a barrel to micro USB pigtail adapter from eBay, all the power problems were solved.
  7. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    2.5 amps should be plenty. I never had a problem with them.

    If you need more power than that, The Power connection on the board is a better place to connect.

    Micro USB is not made for very high current.

    Have Fun.
  8. VA3VF

    VA3VF Guest

    The adapters I tried were labelled 2.5A, but they could barely handle the RPi3 running Raspbian, and WSJT-X. I suspect the fluctuating power was the cause of the SD corruption I experienced, twice.
  9. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK. I guess I have never had that exact problem.

    I have 3 of them running on a UPS, Because if power fails it can corrupt the SD.

    I have corrupted a SD by killing the power to reset it. Big mistake because a lot of software writes to the SD very often.

    These are fun toys, I have 4. 1 of them is new and waiting for a new project to come along. :)

    I am hooked on Raspberry Pie.
  10. AG7FY

    AG7FY Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you've got other headless (command line only) projects going on it will work. I took my old Raspi Model B+ (the first one with 4 usb ports), hooked it up with ethernet and it runs a Prosody XMPP server and a small file server (interface is via other computers over the network). Runs about 65% load most of the time. Still need to get a better antenna for it than the rtl-sdr antenna it came with.

    I've seen mention on the raspberry pi forums that the class 10 cards seem to corrupt much more easily than the lower speed cards. Most corruption seems to occur on sudden power loss during writes, but I am unsure if that is caused by how the raspberry pi does things or the nature of the microSD card itself.

    I did manage to do something to totally crash the card twice now while I was setting up other things to try and play along with piaware. Now every time I get something working I copy a .img of the sd card to my desktop PC so if I crash it again I can reload everything exactly the way it was and not manually reconfigure everything.
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