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SOLD Rare Swan 508 external VFO

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by W9MT, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. W9MT

    W9MT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Up for sale is a very nice Swan 508 external VFO. This VFO is a rare item in as good cosmetic and operational shape, such as is this example. The 508 is designed to operate with the 350C, 500C/CX, 700C, and Cygnet 270/270B transceivers.

    The earlier 350's and 500's (the ones that didn't use 6JE6/6LQ6 final PA tubes) had a different IF frequency. These models were designed to work with the earlier 410 VFO and model 22 switching box. If the 410 and 508 are operationally switched between their compatible transceivers, at a minimum the dials won't track properly because of the different IF frequencies.

    This particular 508 is a late production run unit, as noted by the markings for the three position mode switch in the lower right of the front panel. It is marked "XCV 500C", "Trans. 500C / Rec. 508", and "XCV 508", as opposed to "XCV A", "Trans. A / Rec. B", and (finally) "XCV B". I am including a photo of the switch of an older production unit for comparison's sake. Older units may have a serial number of only 4 digits. This unit has a longer serial number beginning with the letter "R". (see photo)

    The cosmetics are excellent (no scratches, a few really minor rub marks on the cowl cabinet top, and just a bit of dust). The front panel is scratches or pits. The electrical performance is excellent. Because of the lousy HF band conditions, I was able to test it solely on 40m today before posting this thread. The dial set knob pulled the dial calibration right on the mark, per my Cygnet 270's internal calibrator. There was absolutely no difference in transceiver receive nor transmit performance using either its internal VFO or that of the 508.

    Your 508 will be well cushioned for shipment to assure not arriving DOA to your shack, but no returns or refunds due to my prior experiences with scammers and parts swappers. (A few bad apples ruin trust for all.) I'll be wrap the 508 in Saran Wrap, prior to its boxing so no packing peanuts infiltrate it.

    There was no separate manual ever created for the 508 VFO, so none will be included in the shipment. The 508 was usually described in a compatible transceiver's manual, along with the 508's schematic circuit diagram's inclusion. When I had my 500cx, there was a section on the 508 along with its schematic in the 500cx's user manual.

    $200, plus $25 to share shipping costs to the "Lower 48". (If shipping costs more, I'll "eat the difference". Alaska, Hawaii or other US Territory purchasers, please email me for an exact shipping quotation. No International exceptions on this point.) Now Fred may say "CONUS is dead", but this device is too big for USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes, and like other posters have said "FedEx Ground and UPS may be more cost effective". I'll pick the best way to get the 508 to you. I don't make money on shipping !!! Let's share the shipping costs if you're in the "Lower 48", or we'll work out something equitable if you're in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or other such US Territory.

    For payment, PayPal is fine. Postal MO's are also good. I'll even take your personal check drawn on a domestic USA bank if you're willing to wait for your check's funds to properly clear the banking system. (approximately a 2 week delay to ship) The first two payment methods will assure a quick, immediate shipment.

    This is a nearly totally pristine unit. All it might need is a slight alignment touch-up if you're OCD like I can be at times so as to not have to adjust the Dial Set knob from band to band. You're going to like seeing this unit next to your Cygnet 270/270B, 500C/CX, 700cx, or 350C; giving you the ability to operate split frequency mode with your "American Iron" Swan radio.

    dubbya nine emm tee at arrl dot net

    Contact me at the above email address with your questions or if you wish to purchase. (first decode the above gibberish into my real email address on my page...I hate getting spam from 'bots) If you're buying, I'll reply to your email with my PayPal alias and also send you the corresponding shipping method info and tracking number once the "goods cross the shipping counter".

    Tnx, es 73...

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  2. W9MT

    W9MT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Moderator, please mark this item as SOLD. (Thank you.)
  3. QRZ
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