Rag Chewing?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W8IXI, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. NL7W

    NL7W Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yeah... what is it with this "we" business I hear all the time? My ham brother-in-law, an Iowan, is famous for using "we" instead of "I."
    I don't get it... it's rather unnerving.
  2. KP4SX

    KP4SX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Midwesterners use it a lot. I have no idea why.
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  3. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member #133 Volunteer Moderator Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Back ages ago this was addressed in QST/73/CQ - I forget which - where the cartoon character replied that whenever he used the term "we" he meant himself and his tapeworm :eek:

    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
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  4. W8IXI

    W8IXI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks for the responses, which have been very interesting.

    It has at least been a discussion. I am getting the impression that anything longer than name, rank, and serial number (so to speak) qualifies as rag chewing today.

    From my own experience tonight, I have had five hf qso's of which at least four were rag chewing under the new definition. That's rag chewing today.

    73, Mike
  5. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member #133 Volunteer Moderator Life Member Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    But "The Dude" said it best....

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  6. KA5ROW

    KA5ROW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    rag chewing: is just a QSO between 2 or more hams about anything and everything or random QSO’s with people you may or may know.
  7. WZ7U

    WZ7U Subscriber QRZ Page

    As long as it doesn't involve grease soaked, gasoline tainted rags I'm all for chewing them.
  8. W8IXI

    W8IXI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    It was a good run for me tonight. I had some good qso's which some would define as "rag chewing" with fellow hams. It's the total avoidance of any of that which is new to me.

    In at least four out of five qso's tonight, I easily found common ground with the other ham and had a conversation. It's not that difficult. Most hams have a lot in common.

    The purposeful avoidance of most of that still surprises me. Too bad.

    73, Mike
  9. W8IXI

    W8IXI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Then why are you here? To learn that basic human stuff? "Tactical"? You immediately come across as a whacker or prepper. I'd like to hear more on this topic. You have the floor.
  10. KY5U

    KY5U Subscriber QRZ Page

    Nightly I sit by the rig and talk to friends. We all use vox so conversations sound like we're all in the same room. Topics are as varied as motorcycles, airplanes, rigs, building amps, current events, families...

    Hams need to learn again the art of conversation. If you're interested, here is a good start. Don't be in a two way one way monologue. https://www.essentiallifeskills.net/the-art-of-conversation.html
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