For Sale RadioShack HTX-10 10m radio, MFJ 941D tuner, RadioShack SWR Meter

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KG2C, Oct 9, 2018.

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  1. KG2C

    KG2C Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've finally decided to get rid of my starter shack by putting it for sale.
    I got these items when I got started in the hobby several years ago because they were the cheapest way to try HF SSB using my Tech license, without building anything myself, with the intention of selling them if I wasn't interested or keeping them if I was. I think today this is still one of the more affordable options to try what SSB sounds like without building kits or dealing with just 5W QRP power.

    The package contains:
    1. RadioShack HTX-10 10m radio with 25W PEP and FM, USB, LSB, AM modes
    2. MFJ 941D manual antenna tuner
    3. RadioShack SWR Meter
    I am looking to get $190 shipped CONUS. If you are buying locally (my preferred method) I will add a free linear PSU that I used with this radio. You may reach me at
    Here's several photos below followed by a description of each item. Everything is being sold as-is and no returns will be accepted. However I have more photos from different angles in this gallery + a short clip when I was testing the power output so you can see that it is working.
    IMG_20181007_191626717.jpg IMG_20181008_221011195.jpg IMG_20181007_191717659.jpg IMG_20181007_191756940.jpg IMG_20181007_191832876.jpg IMG_20181007_191436961.jpg IMG_20181007_191502664.jpg IMG_20181007_193436113.jpg IMG_20181007_193541110.jpg

    All three items were in used condition before I bought them. I checked the radio and it is on frequency and had 25W power out when I tested on FM (see the clip with power and frequency reading on my HF Auto).

    The tuner has scratches on the case and a stain on the bottom but works fine and I tuned several bands with it. When I compared the 30W vs 300W power scale reading on the tuner, I noticed that the 30W scale is a bit generous. My 5W read at about 7.5W, and 20W out was at 30W on the scale. The 300W scale was more accurate.

    I tested the RadioShack SWR meter with a dummy load and after calibrating got it to 1:1. I did not test the FS meter function and I've never had a use for it.

    To be completely frank, I wouldn't recommend this package to someone who is certain they will want to use more HF bands, unless they are happy with 25W on 10m which these days gets you mostly local contacts.
    I think it is suitable for someone who has a Tech license, and wants to try HF SSB but doesn't want to spend a lot of money, cannot build kits, and doesn't know anyone who has a station they can borrow.
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  2. KD2OJV

    KD2OJV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is there a CW mode on this transceiver?
  3. KG2C

    KG2C Ham Member QRZ Page

    No, the HTX-10 does not have CW. The HTX-100 model would do CW that but that is missing the FM, AM, and I think LSB.

    Here's a pdf manual for the HTX-10.

    Also here are the specs from the manual:
    upload_2018-10-9_10-25-47.png upload_2018-10-9_10-26-1.png
  4. KG2C

    KG2C Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was watching the "CONUS is obsolete" thread and after reading it checked to see if the items above fit in a Flat Rate box. I didn't think they would but they do, so I am ok with shipping them to any US address, not just CONUS.
  5. QRZ
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