Radios & Antennas For Technicians

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WJ6F, Feb 16, 2021.

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  1. WJ6F

    WJ6F Ham Member QRZ Page

    After weeks of studying you passed your Technician test and are now on the hunt for a radio and/or antennas. Question is which on do you get. I can seem a bit confusing or overwhelming sifting through all that Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Baofeng, Wouxun have to offer it can boggle the mind. Radios like the FT-60, FT-70, KG-UV8E all offer something different. You can use strictly analog or step in the digital world with DSTAR, Fusion or DMR. This video will show a few radios, antennas and other equipment to get you off to a good start without filing for bankruptcy.

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  2. AD0B

    AD0B Ham Member QRZ Page

    We have such a bad phone system that we got some baofengs. Was either a baofeng or nothing. The other brands didn't fit our budget.

    Only after ordering them did I realize that we needed to get licensed to use them. So radios came first, then we took the tests.

    Turns out handheld worked for planned usage. Good enough for farm comm but little else. needed a better antenna to hit the nearest repeaters of 19 miles distant.

    It took a year but we settled on an endfed half wave flower pot antenna. Easy to make from a stick of pvc pipe, cap and some RG58 or similar coax. Strong return loss at resonance. It has no outside joiner to get moisture in Making it very weather resistant.
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  3. N1IPU

    N1IPU Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Buy this Buy that. Used to be we built things and taught others to. Past rubber ducks I made all my antennas. Not that I couldn't buy them but I needed to learn.
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  4. K4YNZ

    K4YNZ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    City radio shop made UHF rubber ducks from speedometer cable. Depending on the entry level, Novice or Tech, I helped my friends build their first antenna. For the Novice we built an inverted V for 40/15. Cut it long and play with the angle and it will cover both bands. IF you have a tube final. For the Tech we built a 1/4 wave 2 meter antenna.
    No trees? Three 10 foot sections of mast and a house clamp. Inverted V with a 2 meter 1/4 wave VHF antenna. All from the local Radio Shack.
    In 1979 most had factory rigs. But some built Tuna Can transistor transmitters. My favorite was the junk TV special. Our club had a Novice transmitter that used parts form a tube TV. We salvaged the tubes, sockets, sweep tubes and transformer. ACK Radio had the rest of the parts. Coils, variable caps and crystal holders. Neat radio.

    So I gave a friend an old Genave crystal controlled 2 meter radio that would not transmit. It had RF but no audio. A couple of days later he showed up on the local repeater. Repaired radio, home made mag mount and a Yagi.

    Now get some of the old hams who came of age in 55 to about 65 and find out what they begged borrowed and stole. The local juke box company was a source of amps to build modulators with the change to stereo they were junking them. They added them to the CW transmitters of the day. Some borrowed microphones from pay phones. Dummy load was a light bulb.
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  5. K8ZT

    K8ZT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

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  6. K8ZT

    K8ZT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have been teaching Tech & General licensing classes over the last few months and the students had questions about buying radios so I have put together a slideshow "Buying an Amateur Radio Transceiver"- and corresponding spreadsheet-
    My other presentations are available at
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  7. WJ6F

    WJ6F Ham Member QRZ Page

    Great slides and info! Wish I had this when I was first licensed.
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  8. KC3MIO

    KC3MIO XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I worked a Tech on 40 CW a couple of days ago. Not many are going that route, but it’s there.
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  9. KO4USA

    KO4USA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I need this. KO4USA
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  10. WJ6F

    WJ6F Ham Member QRZ Page

    Need that comment on YouTube.
    Thanks for watching!
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