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Radioddity GD-77 Dual Band DMR

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by KC9LOX, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. KC9LOX

    KC9LOX Ham Member QRZ Page

    This review is for the Radioddity GD-77 2 Slot DMR HT
    The radio arrived to my via DHL shipping from overseas. The radio box was covered in a yellow type-shipping envelope. Opening that shows a nicely done box with the typical pictures and radio information. Now time for the surprise of opening the box to find the radio nicely tucked in a clear package bag and same with the antenna, belt clip, battery, and desktop charger. Putting things all together is a SMA male dual band antenna, like Yaesu uses. On attaching the belt clip, I was not impressed with the clip ruggedness. The belt clip bent on me on the 1st day of using. So adding a name brand belt clip in my opinion is recommended. The battery label shows as 7.4V/2200mAh Li-ion. I personally think the battery is not accurate for the size, but the battery does last all day on a charge. The desktop charger is ok made and actually funny, for your Tytera MD-380 users it will charge the GD-77 battery. Therefore, it is almost identically the same as the MD-380 charger.
    The exterior of the radio.
    The radio itself has a nice construction feel. Granted it is a plastic case, but has comfortable feel to it. The on/off and volume knob is on top solo. There is no channel selector knob available, which I was not a fan of. You have to use the arrow keys on the keypad. The Keypad itself is a three-rowed zero through nine with the zero on the right middle.
    On the side of the radio is a single ptt button. No dual switch ptt with this radio. Two programmable buttons are below the PTT which are nicely large for ease of use and one small orange button on top of the radio can be programmed through the software to your liking of choice. The orange top button to me with large fingers is difficult to use as the button is very close to the antenna. Overall, the programmable buttons are a nice touch. On the other side of the radio antenna side the the location for an external speaker mic and programming cable. The radio itself uses the 2-prong Kenwood style speaker mic so that is a nice feature for the multi radio user. Easy interchangeable from one radio to anther for like Tyt, Kenwood, and the Baofeng etc. No special mic needed.
    Using the radio
    The radio itself does not have a Part 90 or even Part 97 certification label on the radio. So public business radio users you are out of luck. The radio does not have any program on the fly features and all programming is done through software.

    Overall this radio is a good purchase for the DMR users. It does have some flaws, but I believe that with some firmware upgrades this radio would make a good dual band option that has both the DMR and analog options.
    This review radio was donated by Radioddity for exchange for a test/trial and review purposes.
  2. IW2BSF

    IW2BSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    there are here in qrz-com forum..... 3 differents post of this radio !

    TEST Radioddity GD-77

    Radioddity GD-77, first impression !

    - Analog, nice and loud audio and modulation.
    - DMR very nice audio and vocoder, tested on simplex and HS Brandmeister.
    - DMR TIER-2 !!!
    - DMR simplex, you can use (DCDM) mode where utilize both slots for better communication.
    - CPS, you can't use it until you change the OS region to US/English.
    - Smaller and Lighter in compare with TYT MD-2017 or Retevis RT-82.
    - You can listen on both (A-B) channels.
    - The battery lasts well enough.
    - Antenna, you can use VHF/UHF antenna dedicated for radioamateur band.
    - Display is small and doesn't in color but don't worry about that.

    - Can the radio have frequency input directly from the keypad ? NO !

    You can edit already programmed channel but this radio does not have VFO !!!

    - If I choose between MD-2017 and GD-77 I will choose GD-77, cost less, about 87$ in compare with MD-2017 where cost 220$, 2.5:1

    That is advanced function :) C'mon this radio work very well for the money

    Today I tested RF reception on UHF, source HS with 10mW, walking in distance around Neighborhood and compared with Retevis RT8 (TYT MD390) the GD-77 is slightly better !!!

    ISSUE 1, GD-77 does not meet Tier II standard in Simplex Mode !!!
    I hope you will fix this problem with new Firmware !?

    thanks to Dragan Z32IT

    best 73 de IW2BSF - Rudy


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