Radio sees something completely different...

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by K2QI, May 23, 2020.

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  1. KE5MC

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    You statement in your original post, "the rig sees 1.5 to 1.6 on a band that the analyzer says should be around 1.3:1 on a given frequency" is not really a significant indicator of a problem. Many of us I believe had the same thought. Good chance that your cable with a cold solder joint would only have shown up under normal operating as a SWR reading with the 'jitters'. In general we knew more about what you did than what the problem was. Glad you fixed the problem. Yes, the internet can be a bit harsh.
  2. WB2WIK

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    ^I agree.

    I actually would not have guessed a "bad patch cable," since a short length of coax, almost no matter what it is, used on HF (<30 MHz) is typically either "good" or "bad" (bad = open or shorted) and not somewhere between.

    I wonder, although it doesn't matter, if the real issue wasn't a "bad cable," but a "bad cable length" and the new replacement cable is a different electrical length. The "load impedance seen by the rig" will always change when changing cable lengths anywhere unless the termination is perfect, which it rarely is. The SB-220 internal wiring when the amp is "off," and just passing signals through it is far from perfect, especially on 10m.
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  3. KA9JLM

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    You need thick skin to hang around here. :)

    A Banana skin may not be thick enough. Old Banana skins get thin.

    I do not think any harm was intended.

    The relay in a amp can affect the SWR. I do not worry, The effects of a little SWR is way overrated. o_O

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