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Radio installation into my 2013 Ford F-150 STX

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by W6VMX, Jan 24, 2015.

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  1. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Happy Valentines Day All!!!!!

    Yep, it is now February 14th, weather is nice and sunny with temp around 70 or so. Glad I bought warranty on house too. Had range top, dishwasher, and rooftop A/C repaired within the last week. All for the price of two services calls from warranty service. Well worth the price of the contract for sure.

    Radio working very well, and more FUSION repeater sites are popping up in LV too. Another year older, and still kicking I am glad to say. Still waiting on acquiring a HF rig though, so have been missing all the fun DXing had brought in the past. Soon I hope. Anyway, will update as time goes on, later all...........................

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  2. WA6MHZ

    WA6MHZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    wondered how U were doing over there!!! Enjoy this time of the year there in LV! Miss U in the Club!! Havent heard from Jack since U left. Hope he is OK
  3. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Pat, glad to hear from you directly. Read your posts here, and on FB too. Talked to Jack within last few days, and he is doing well. Still waiting on his Agent Orange to go through. Wish Sue had time to do newsletter, miss it, and club too. SOBARS decided to TOTALLY remove my access to their website and newsletter. A bit miffed by that after all I had done for that club too, but hey, was not in it for the glory anyway. Will try to keep up with things in SD, and the Crest museum too. Later Pat, and take care buddy.......

  4. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page

    It is now July 25th and HOT in Vegas. Mounting of the 400 is still holding up, even with 140 temps in cab at times. Have not found a single Las Vegas club that I would be interested in joining yet. Skipped field day this year, but next time might join in. Been using my FT-991a and MFJ 1835 Cobweb a lot, and with good success, even had a QSO with W7UUU (as K1T) a little while ago (thanks Dave!!!!!). Looking to raise the cobweb up another 10' to approximately 27' total. Should help with tuning a little bit, but will have to see (especially if I can get Jack (N6FUG) to visit with his antenna analyzer one of these days). Finally sent for and received a QSL card from Pat (WA6MHZ), and many thanks Pat. Still waiting on Sue (AF6LJ) to print out one and send it off to me. Here's hoping Sue.........;)....Oh and my son Eric was able to get his vanity call recently and is now W6EKB.............Later all...................
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