Radio HF on a "little" airplane .... as an optional or ?

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by IW2BSF, May 1, 2021.

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  1. IW2BSF

    IW2BSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    But this HF radio (ICOM IC-706) in this small airplane ....

    Is it an option or standard radio in this type of small aircraft?

    tnx 73

  2. W7HV

    W7HV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Def not standard, and probably not even an option. It's almost certainly custom and something that would require an FAA field approval to be legit.
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  3. K0UO

    K0UO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have run 706s and 7000s in many different planes over the years.

    The FAA or your country's Aviation Authority answer is, Velcro.

    K0UO/V31KW in the Air or On the AIR daily
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  4. KA0HCP

    KA0HCP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Each country's aviation authority determines whether permanent installation is legal.

    In the US, the FAA is that authority. Since the IC-706 does not have an FAA TSO (Technical Standards Order) certification, any installation would require a 337 Field Approval from the local FSDO, Flight Standards District Office.

    Years ago, such authorizations were easy to obtain including equipment like CB radios, ELT Direction Finders and Auxiliary radios for Civil Air Patrol, along with associated external antennas etc.. In the 1990's the FAA began to take a very restrictive view against installing non-TSO radios. As always, some FSDO's are stricter than others.

    In my experience it has been easier to install TSO'd antennas permanantly, and use any non-TSO's radios in a "temporary" mounting, with quick disconnects provided for power and antenna.

    A key to success is having a sympathetic A&P IA (Airframe & Power Plant, Inspection Authorization mechanic) who is on good standing with the FSDO, and who has a record of doing such modifications and installations.

    I'm not sure of the latest FAA posture. Again, in other countries the aviation authority must be consulted.
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  5. K0UO

    K0UO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    That's for a permitted install.

    Just use Velcro,

    I've had numerous inspections at airshows.

    If is not permanently attached in the aeroplane You could even Velcro it to the dash - You don't need to file anything.

    There must be tens of thousands of yoke mount GPSs too.
    Just as long as it doesn't create a safety issue.

    Also try to find a sympathetic A&P/ IA now days!
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  6. VE7DQ

    VE7DQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    N509RF is a homebuilt (experimental) category aircraft. As such, much can be installed and/or accomplished without the blessings or approval of the FAA, such as the installation of a ham radio in the panel. Very neat install, I might add.

    I believe the owner of the aircraft is (or was) Robert Furlong, N4NHQ in Phoenix AZ.
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  7. W7HV

    W7HV Ham Member QRZ Page

    In my case, I used a bungee, but velcro can work too.

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  8. IW2BSF

    IW2BSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    VELCRO work well.... hi hi :) how antenna used in your airplane ?
  9. K0UO

    K0UO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page


    The radio in this aeroplane is actually Velcroed to the panel
    The radio is under the seat velcroed to the carpet and a microphone is attached to the radio.. I just plug into the speaker port on the Icom radio and jumper cable to my intercom system input which is one of the Jack's for the intercom.


    On This one I use the yoke mount for the ICOM head

    Below: This is another install with the 706 that I did years ago Velcro was used. This photo was from an article in QST in 1999 I flew this aeroplane at over 100 airshows
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  10. IW2BSF

    IW2BSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    nice.... used antenna tuner and 6 foot military whip antenna ?

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