Question about the grid award

Discussion in 'QRZ Operating Awards' started by VA3KAB, Jan 22, 2015.

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  1. VA3KAB

    VA3KAB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi, just uploaded my log today and found I was eligible for a couple of the awards, including the grid award.

    I see a message saying "6 Confirmed QSOs were not eligible for this award", when I click on the details it shows me the calls and the grids that don't match. It says to fix "the grid you entered does not match the grid the other party entered", but there was no grid in the ADIF file I uploaded??? I assumed it would get that info from here. Here is an example:

    [TABLE="width: 619"]
    [TH="class: borl, bgcolor: #E0F0FF"]QSO Date[/TH]
    [TH="bgcolor: #E0F0FF"]QSO with[/TH]
    [TH="bgcolor: #E0F0FF"]DE[/TH]
    [TH="bgcolor: #E0F0FF"]You entered grid[/TH]
    [TH="class: borr, bgcolor: #E0F0FF"]Other party entered grid[/TH]
    [TD="class: borl"]2006-04-26 12:17:00[/TD]
    [TD="class: lde, align: left"]F5LPL[/TD]
    [TD="class: borr"]JN18[/TD]

    When I lookup F5LPL here the grid shown is JN16??
  2. N0AMT

    N0AMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    the grid the other party has set for his callsign is FN16, but the grid he entered for your QSO with him is FN18.

    you'll need to reach out to him and determine which is correct. One of you will need to edit your QSO to correct.
  3. VA3KAB

    VA3KAB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not sure that makes sense. There was no grid info on the record I uploaded, that JN16 grid was inserted by qrz, not by me. It seems to me if the other party has a specific grid set in his profile, but then actually uses another grid when he uploads his log, the other grid should be correct? To me that would indicate, in this case, that his main QTH is JN16 but he was in JN18 when he made the QSO.

    A more logical approach might be to use the grid in the ADIF upload, if present, if not, use the grid from the user profile?
  4. N0AMT

    N0AMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    When you upload an ADIF, we use the data you give us. If that data is blank, we use whatever the default is for that user (or whatever we can determine.)

    In this case, we used JN16, because you didn't tell us the grid, and that is what his grid is set to. (See his details tab on his callsign page)

    When he entered his QSO, he entered JN18 for that QSO. There is now a discrepancy between your QSO and his which will need to be corrected.

    The only way around that would be to automatically change what you entered for their grid to whatever the other party said is their grid is when a QSO is confirmed. This goes against our general rule that what I do in my logbook cannot affect what you do in yours.

    One of you has entered the wrong grid for the QSO. You will need to contact the other party and determine who needs to correct their QSO record for you both to get award credit for the given QSO.
  5. VA3KAB

    VA3KAB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is it normal to include the grid of the party you worked when you upload an ADIF?? There is not even an option to track that in my logger, I just checked. Often I wouldn't know that anyway, during a short QSO. He knows where he was, I may not.

    But the discrepancy was caused by you! If my data was blank for his grid, which it always will be (and I assume is typically blank in most/all ADIF records you get) you should either fill in the grid from his page, or from his ADIF upload, if present, for BOTH sides of the QSO. He knows what grid he was in when he made the QSO, I don't.

    Of course, I get that. The problem is your logic is wrong for determining what grid to use for my side of the QSO when that data is not filled in by me, which I assume is the case for most/all ADIF uploads. He knows what grid he was in when he made the QSO, I may not, and even if I did I have no way to track HIS grid in my logger. He entered his own grid by using that MY_GRIDSQUARE field during his upload, I assume he did that for a reason, operating portable perhaps. Your logic should be if MY_GRIDSQUARE is present, use that for the grid, if not, use the grid from his profile, for both sides of the QSO.

    Again, the wrong grid square was the one inserted by your program due to faulty logic. Seems pretty basic to me, but whatever!
  6. N0AMT

    N0AMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    According to the ADIF specification, yes. The grid squared is a normal QSO field to include. My logs include it.
    Most of the time, QRZ will populate the QSO with the correct grid. It's only when you either give us the wrong grid or no grid, and the other party enters a different grid than their default that this can occur.

    Yes, and if we DIDN'T populate the grid because you didn't provide it, there would STILL be a discrepancy -- "Blank" != "FN18". And your suggestion of filling in from his page is exactly what we do, as proven in this case.

    Let me give you an example of WHY we have specifically chosen NOT to do what you suggest, in addition to the reasons I gave earlier (the reason earlier being that what I put in my logbook cannot change what you put in yours.)

    Let's say you and I have a QSO. You upload an ADIF with no grid square, and I manually enter the QSO with the WRONG grid square.

    If we change yours to whatever I put in, guess what? You're getting credit for a grid you never worked. There is no oversight. You'll probably never know it's wrong because you'll never even be alerted to it. Since yours now matches mine, you're good to go and all is well, right? No!

    We've made the determination to do it this way because it provides some oversight. Now you have a mismatch, now you can contact the other party. Maybe the other party will say "Oh crap! I made a typo, FN16 is correct!" -- Of course, maybe not, but the alternative is a higher likelihood of bogus credit.

    I understand that you're not a fan of it, but the determination to do it this way has been made based off of many factors, the biggest one being accuracy in awards credit. I don't suspect we'll change it just for the sake of convenience.
  7. F6GWP

    F6GWP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I too am eligible for the Squares Award, but the results I see when I display the details, are in some cases nonsense, I have 538 QSOs with JJ00, which is in the Atlantic off Nigeria/Cameroon !!! from G/ZS/LA/SV etc, even W100AW!! unless the award results software can correctly calculate the real square, the default value/ wrong entry will falsify results...... solution ????? 73 Phil F6GWP
  8. F6GWP

    F6GWP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Re my post #7, of course the grid square JJ00 is lat 0.0 /long 0.0 !! hence unentered grid square data......................... Phil G3RTH
  9. ZS6AI

    ZS6AI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have the same problem:

    Error 383 Confirmed QSOs were not eligible for this award because the grid squares do not match.

    Trying to contact 383 hams or editing 383 QSOs will take up valuable DX airtime!

    If I check all the ZS calls in my log they are JF98; all the W calls are EM19 etc. I never entered this information so QRZ entered it for me.
    How have all my other QSOs matched the Grid Squares, I have never entered Grid Square information?

    73 Mike ZS6AI
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2015
  10. ZS6AI

    ZS6AI Ham Member QRZ Page

    As an example:

    ZR6DX is shown that I entered JF98 and his correct Grid is KG33

    I never entered anything when I uploaded the QSO

    If I try to edit the QSO it shows the receiver grid as JF98 which means ZR6DX sent JF98 but of course he didn't he sent KG33

    So where is the error and how can I correct it?

    73 Mike ZS6AI
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