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Quansheng TG-UV2

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by VA7UZI, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. VA7UZI

    VA7UZI Ham Member QRZ Page

    DealExtreme, an international mail order company out of Hong Kong, is offering the chinese-built Quansheng TG-UV2 5W dual band (2m, 70cm) handheld for about $90 shipped. It seems pretty comparable to the Wouxun KG-UVD1P in terms of features.

    I've ordered from there before, and they're generally good for customer service considering that they're a HK mail order site. They accept returns at full refund if the buyer pays return shipping, which is more than I can say about most eBay sellers.

    I just ordered one for my first radio. I think it's technically against Canadian regs but I can't afford $200+ as a 17-year-old university student to blow on a radio. I should be find so long as I stay in-band.

    A video review from another guy:

    It comes unlocked, so obviously check your countries regs about that sort of thing, and don't be stupid and operate out of band.

    I'll post my impressions when I recieve my unit.

    (I'm not trying to advertise, but if this post is against the rules, mods feel free to close/move/delete it).
  2. VE7IKX

    VE7IKX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have one and WOW! is all I can say. Paid a little more than you did @ $150 CDN (taxes included) but that was from a Canadian seller. I was able to try the radio before purchasing which was nice. I was sold the minute I had it in my hands. This does not feel like a cheap radio. The build quality is good and the buttons and knob feel solid. The display is easy to read and while I was a bit scared of programming I got the hang of it quite fast. Heading in to things the manual was one of my biggest concerns. We all know how Chinese to English translations can be a bit frustrating to read. This manual is actually helpful. After not getting into the local repeater I decided to read the manual a bit further and found my problem and quickly corrected it. I also liked the fact the radio shipped with a desktop charger and a 2000ma battery. With the squelch open listening to FM radio it took the battery about 16hrs to drain from a full charge. I'm rating this 4/5 as nothing is perfect and this excellent bargain has a few things I would have liked to have seen. DTMF, bigger buttons, dual receive. I feel though, that for the price, these can be overlooked and make this a great contender for an everyday radio for the average user, and an excellent backup radio for a power user.
  3. KB2SEO

    KB2SEO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just a reminder to all US Hams- the Jo Job and Bang quang and any of these other rigs on EBAY and what not are ILLEGAL TO SELL TO OR IMPORT TO THE USA. I wanted one, saw that a few hams had em, and discovered the reason why they are inexpensive- THEY ARE NOT COMING THROUGH US CHANNELS! You are buying this thing from a Hong kong or some other joint overseas. Want to save a few bucks? at what cost? everytime they sell this POS to a Ham here, a US based amatuer radio store is getting the shaft.

    Kinda Like Walmart shutting down your local stores..without the horrible fashion show...:eek:
  4. W8XV

    W8XV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can you document that these are illegal? (FCC ID - XBPTG-UV) This is the only restriction that I could find.

    I can't see paying $40 or more to a "US based amateur radio store" so they can pay the same price as I can or even less, then turn around and charge me more. Makes no sense whatsoever. Bottom line is "the Jo Job and Bang quang" is still getting a sale. Therefore Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom, ect. actually is the one that gets the shaft.

    You can not compare this to be like Walmart. I can't buy at the same price as Walmart. Therefore I buy at Walmart.
  5. W8XV

    W8XV Ham Member QRZ Page

  6. M0SAY

    M0SAY Ham Member QRZ Page

    quansheng tg-uv2 software

    hi an any one please help i am trying to find this sofware i have been to the quansheng site but for some reson it will not open i have tried every think please send me the link that works or the sofware at thanks dave
  7. AC2EU

    AC2EU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Besides the afore mentioned problem of putting people out of business, there is the problem of product support as M0SAY has discovered.

    I work in the consumer electronics repair industry. I know first hand about the parts and information problems. worse than that, the LSI ics which are of Chinese origin, seem to have an abnormally high fail rate.

    If there is a serious hardware or firmware design flaw, you have no recourse.
    All to often, the only way we can fix this junk is by locating a scrap unit.

    Is this what we really want to do? If not, support those companies that support us.
  8. n9fco

    n9fco Ham Member

    how to fix the software

    delete the square boxes on the end of the file name and it will work
  9. AC0H

    AC0H Ham Member QRZ Page

    You need to educate yourself.
    Several online US Ham Radio dealers are carrying these rigs.
    Powerwerx and Universal Radio just off the top of my head.

    You think these two reputable web sellers are buying these radios on some sort of black market and thumbing their noses at the US Commerce department and the FCC?

    Come on!

    Comparing Powerwerx price and the Ebay price Powerwerx is making about $15 per radio.
    Not exactly putting the kids through Harvard on that ARE they?

    The software to program these radios is available on any site that sells them. It's a free download.
    If you can't get it downloaded and installed it's a YOU problem.
    The cable to program the radio is going to cost you $15.
  10. WB0LSR

    WB0LSR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Putting all the concerns (justified or not) about US-China trade aside, I own a TG-UV2 and I love it. First off, I have never received so many complements on the quality of my signal than when I'm using the TG-UV2.. not sure why, but people always say it sounds top notch without my even asking so I know it must be pretty good.. It's plenty powerful and has most of the features you'll find on comparable rigs from the big three. My only gripe is that theses do not have DTMF capability, which can be a pretty big issue.. but given the price it's an issue I can get past. I love having a nice, full-featured handheld that I could throw off of a cliff if I wanted and not break the bank replacing it. Best $100 I ever spent.

    In fact, truth be told, I was out of ham radio for almost a decade due to a lack of money and time, but then I was browsing and saw these and when I saw the price I thought "Holy crap, when I was on the air last it would have cost me $200+ for a dual-band handheld.. here's my opportunity to get back on the air!".. so I bought it and the rest is history. Since then I've built a station twice as nice as I had before, and yes the vast majority of the equipment other than handhelds and the stuff I've built myself is from major amateur radio brands.
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