QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Opens This Weekend

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by 4Z1UG, Sep 10, 2022.

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  1. 4Z1UG

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    The 5th QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo opens this Friday evening, September 16th, 2022, at 18:00 Pacific, or 17.09.22 at 0100 UTC, coming to a PC or tablet computer near you. Tickets for the entire weekend and the 30 day on-demand period are only $10.00. Because it is virtual, you do not have to leave your QTH to participate in the conference that includes over 50 great amateur radio presentations, live "eyeball QSOs" in our Kumospace virtual lounges, two live build-a-thons to build a complete HF station over the weekend, our virtual exhibition hall, and our new Project Gallery, with videos, articles, and papers on a host of ham radio projects. The ARRL - The National Association for Amateur Radio, is our Expo Partner, and FlexRadio is our Platinum Sponsor.

    For more information go to: https://qsotodayhamexpo.com

    57 Presentations Coming Next Weekend
    Fifty-seven live presentations with question and answer sessions will start on Friday Evening at 18:00 PDT and continue throughout the weekend. All of these presentations will be available for replay during the 30 day on-demand period, where you can return to the Expo to view the presentations that you missed over the weekend.

    A schedule of these presentations is here: https://airtable.com/shrGGHQ07QQ66VUMV/tbl3ZpI6zVOaarCfE

    Here is the list of presentations:
    1. A Broadcast Engineer's Version of an HF Station - Mark Persons, W0MH
    2. A Minimalist QRP Approach - ADX HF QRP - Baris Dinc TA7W and Barbaros Asuroglu, OH2UDS/WB2CBA
    3. After 35 Questions: How Young Hams Can Enjoy Their License - Katherine Campbell KE8LQR and Liam Gazeley , KI5JXQ
    4. All Bands in an HOA: Stealthy Backyard Broadband Delta Loop Antenna - Corey Ruth, KD3CR
    5. An Introduction to the nanoVNA Vector Network Analyzer - Greg Algieri, WA1JXR
    6. Anatomy of a Special Event - Scott Rosenfeld, N7JI
    7. ARDC Grants Making an Impact - Dan Romanchik, KB6NU
    8. Arduino: The Next Generation - Glen Popiel, KW5GP
    9. Are You Receiving as Well as You Can Receive - Tim Ellison, W4TME
    10. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the Future of Amateur Radio - Michelle Thompson, W5NYV
    11. Automatic Antenna Tuner Solutions for the 1KW Operator - Dave Jensen W7DGJ and Steve Bennion, W7DJ
    12. Beyond the gas generator - backup power strategy for amateur radio in the 21st century - Ria Jairam, N2RJ
    13. Build-A-Thon: Simple Station accessories: Key, Keyer, Sidetone Oscillator, Antenna & Tuner - REX Harper W1REX and Stephen Houser, N1SH
    14. Buildathon: Let's build a simple Transceiver - REX Harper W1REX and Stephen Houser, N1SH
    15. Building and Operating a 122GHz Station - Doug Millar, K6JEY
    16. Contesting for the Absolute Beginner - Competing Against Yourself - Alex Van Patten, W3AVP
    17. End Fed Antennas From Theory, to Concept, and On-The-Air! - Robert Glorioso W1IS and Robert Rose, KC1DSQ
    18. Engaging the Next Generation - Fully Remote Amateur License Testing - Brandin Hess WL1B and Drew Dasher, N1ER
    19. FlexRadio - HF Radio for Everyone - Andy Mitchell, VA3CW
    20. FlexRadio - The every man station! - Lou Dietrich, N2TU
    21. FlexRadio CEO - HF Radio future - Matt Youngblood, KD5FGE
    22. FlexRadio Hardware - what is the difference between all the models. Hosted by HWRB Host Rod VA3ON - Michael Walker, VA3MW
    23. Fractal Mobile Antennas - Gary Watson, ZL3SV
    24. Haifuraiya - Open Source HEO Satellite Project Proposal - Michelle Thompson, W5NYV
    25. Ham Radio in Australia - Steve Kennedy from Future Systems - Steve Kennedy, VK6SJ
    26. Herding Cats, or Unifying a local group with a mission using a structured Simplex Exercise. - Gerhard Spangenberg, KF4GGK
    27. Hide your rig, not your signal! - Andy Mitchell, VA3CW
    28. High Power Magnetic Loop Antenna Theory and Construction - Ted Robinson, K1QAR
    29. How to Make That QSO- Get in the Rhythm, Know the Rhyme & Dance the Dance - Anthony Luscre, K8ZT
    30. How to Submit Helpful HelpDesk Ticket... - Ken Wells, NM9P
    31. HT + DTMF = Fun: Simple Digital Communication for Handheld Transceivers - Zhemin Zhang, KD2TAI
    32. In Search of the “Optimum” Magnetic Loop Antenna - John Portune, W6NBC M0GCK
    33. Introduction to HamPC - Dave Slotter, W3DJS
    34. Introduction to Software Defined Radio with Focus on Aviation Frequency Applications - David Horvath, KB3RIJ
    35. Launching into ARISS - Evan Kauffman, KC8EK
    36. Miniaturizing Digital Voice Using the ESP32 Microcontroller - Mooneer Salem, K6AQ
    37. Never Stop Learning In Ham Radio - Mitch Stern, W1SJ
    38. Open Headset Interconnect Standard: An open standard for headset portability and interconnect devices - Mark Smith, N6MTS
    39. Parks on the Air - 3 Practical Methods for Successful Activations - John Leonardelli, VE3IPS
    40. RATPAC - Beginners guide to VHF/HF Operating - Dan Marler, K7REX
    41. Ribbit, a new digital text messaging mode for UHF/VHF emergency communications - Pierre Deliou W4CKX and Ahmet Inan
    42. Silent Key Estate Planning — A Guide - Dino Papas, KLØS
    43. Smith Charts: What Are They and Why Would I Use One? - Roland Smith, K7OJL
    44. Steve, N5AC - Advances in SDR HF technology - Stephen Hicks, N5AC
    45. Successful Operating- Assessing Effectiveness of Your Station - Anthony Luscre, K8ZT
    46. The "Leyden Jar" Magloop Antenna - Reinier van der Lee, W6WYN
    47. The $14.00 Remote Rig Controller - Bruce Perens, K6BP
    48. The ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program - Mike Ritz, W7VO
    49. The Fast Track to Understanding Ham Radio Antennas - Michael Burnette, AF7KB
    50. The Ham Radio Workbench Podcast Live at the Expo - George Zafiropoulos KG6VU, Michael Walker VA3MW, Vince d'Eon VE6LK, Mark Smith N6MTS, Rod Hardman VA3ON
    51. Transmitter Testing Using Low Cost Test Gear - Shirley Dulcey, KE1L
    52. Truly Excellent Digital Voice Quality: Opulent Voice - Paul Williamson, KB5MU
    53. Updates in VHF and Above LNA - Thomas Henderson, WD5AGO
    54. User Authentication for Amateur Satellites - Paul Williamson, KB5MU
    55. Using Modern Technology in Emergency Communications: HAMNET, WINLINK, VARA - Suad Čobo, E79SUA
    56. Welcome Back to the World of Arduino - Glen Popiel, KW5GP
    57. Youth on the Air - Two Years of Life-Changing Success in IARU Region 2, and More To Come - Sterling Mann, N0SSC
    3Y0J 2023 DXpedition Team Members at the Expo
    We will be joined by a number of the 3Y0J Bouvet Island DXpedition team members at the Expo who, in addition to their exhibit booth, will be available in our "Kumospace" lounges introduced at the last QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo last March. These rooms were very popular with our audience because they allow hams to meet new people and visit with old friends. We expect that conversations and group discussions with continue throughout the weekend.

    Project Gallery, a new feature at the Expo
    We are pleased to present a new project gallery where amateurs submitted papers, articles, and videos describing their most recent projects. These are self-service kiosks that are available during the entire weekend and 30 day on-demand period.

    For more information go to the Expo Website: https://www.qsotodayhamexpo.com/
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  2. W8CI

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    Good luck! You and your team have put so much effort into this event!

    We certainly live in a great era for Amateur Radio.

    Vy 73, Eric

    de Michael W8CI
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  3. N0JMP

    N0JMP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Absolutely incredible selection of topics, can't wait!
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  4. CT7ANU

    CT7ANU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Sorry but I cannot believe people will actually pay to visit a virtual product that they want to sell. How dumb do you have be to get ripped off like this.
  5. 4Z1UG

    4Z1UG Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Jose - are you suggesting that I am a thief? Do you know me, Jose? Did you come to the Expo and experience getting ripped off? Or does your keyboard give you strength that you don't have in person to make unsubstantiated claims about me? 73, Eric
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  6. W7DGJ

    W7DGJ Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I can't believe this comment . . . That event turned out to be a phenomenal mix of speakers and subjects. I have spent many hours now learning about new ham subjects, and it has been an immense joy. For $10 admission you got an entire college semester full of education about your hobby. I also went into various lounges and spoke to representatives of companies I like or have considered, and got technical questions answered about their gear. There's no way this was a ripoff. You have to wonder why someone like this Jose guy could come on here in public and say something like that. WOW. Eric, Job well done my friend! Dave, W7DGJ
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  7. K9EZ

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    What an incredible list of topics!

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