QSO Today Podcast interview with George Allison, K1IG

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by 4Z1UG, Mar 10, 2019.

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  1. W4ATK

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    I was on Guam a bit before the "elephant cage" arrived. I happened upon a photo of Fingayen and all the barracks etc were gone along with those beautiful rosettes of rhombics. When I got to Guam in 1953 we were living in Qunset huts and the operations building was also a large Quonset hut. I still have a KG6AAY card form the old hamshack down at the old base. Don't know if it ever got moved to the new digs at Fingayen.
  2. DG4RBS

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    Was at Donauw├Ârths FmBtl220 from 88 - 92, remember the BBQ's with 204th MIBtl...
    Was a great time.
    DG4RBS Stefan "Steve"
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  3. DG4RBS

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  4. WA3IUH

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  5. WB5GSA

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    Was TDY at Tori in '62
  6. KN4IAS

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    KH2TJ I am at NCTS Guam (as its called now) and i have to say I have heard from a few poeple that it was pretty "popping in its day" There is so much expantion here on NCTS. I was sad to see the cage was torn down by the time I got here... I think thats going to be the new entrance. MARS is around but scarce here...

    73 Shane KN4IAS/KH2

    I was sad to see this gone as well. I would of liked to have seen the cage! I got to meet Capt May (prior CO) a few weeks ago. He had a few good stories!

    73 Shane KN4IAS/KH2

    I have seen pics and not to mention whats still there!

    73 Shane KN4IAS/KH2
  7. K1IG

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    Shane, I was CO from 95-97; at that time there were 1,200 assigned to the NCTAMS -- 800 military (about half NSG) and 400 civilian. We were down-sizing then; three clubs (E1-E6, CPO, and officers) were consolidated into one next to the pool. The building shown as Navy Exchange on Google Maps was the CPO club, and we had a McDonalds next to the main gate. There were so many families living on base and at the housing at Royal Palm Drive that we two child care facilities on the base. Just after I left it was redesignated NCTS and about four years later I heard there were less than 50 military personnel assigned.

    73, George K1IG
  8. W0AJU

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  9. KB9AZZ

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    It survived the destruction of the volcano?
  10. KB9AZZ

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    The CDAA at NSGA Winter Harbor ME located near Acadia National Park. I was station there as a CT from 1986-1990. I'm curious was the sailor and ham in question a CT in the navy or a Radioman?


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