QSO Today Episode 125 Hans Summers - G0UPL

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by 4Z1UG, Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. 4Z1UG

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    G0UPL cover.PNG
    As a 2009 QRP ARCI Hall of Fame inductee - Hans Summers, G0UPL, is an electronic experimenter and amateur radio innovator extraordinaire. Hans pays careful attention to compact and minimal parts count to achieve the design goals of his homebrew projects. Hans is the owner of QRP Labs joins Eric, 4Z1UG, in a conversation about QRSS slow data transmissions, high altitude balloon transmitters, and shares his ham radio and electronic builder story.

    Show Notes: http://www.qsotoday.com/podcasts/G0UPL

    Podcast Link: https://goo.gl/43nfG4

    iTunes Store: http://goo.gl/CvLNmV

    Stitcher: http://goo.gl/uhf1XZ
  2. K5LRU

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    Congratulations Hans
  3. K0PIR

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    Congratulations Hans. Best wishes and Happy New Year!
  4. G6YZC

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    I would like to thank QRP Labs for all their help in setting up the N4EME Rovers DIGI beacons using the U3S. Our 6m one has been running from the club shack KM4HAM in FL for almost a year on JT65a and CW and this last week we got our 222 beacon set up at N2EME for testing in JT65b and CW. Tonight I started on the 2m beacon which will run JT65b and CW too. What impressed our club the most, apart from the assistance offered by QRP Labs, was that the beacons put both the DIGI modes and the RF out so all we have to do is add the amp and the antenna. Now that QRP Labs also have JT4 available we will be working with other clubs to set up some JT4 uW beacons. We receive lots of feedback on how straight the JT65 signal is (we use the QRP Labs QLG1 GPS RX to keep the beacons on frequency) and how nice it is to get a real S/N reading on the beacons rather than an "it sounds like...".

    BTW my daughter loves to follow the WSPR BALLOONS that use your transmitters as they try to make it around the world.

    Thank you.
    Paul N2EME

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