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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    FOUND IN JUNK SHOP IN CORNWALL,UK. THESE CARDS LISTED, AND DATED.. = ..W6CJE..24.12.48 =    =W5PAW-31.3.49   =W1CUX-25.10.48=   W1TIV-5.3.73=   KN9EZG-21.5.58=   W4LXJ-4.10.49=   COMBINED CARD W2BTB+W2ZOL-2.15.50=   W1SIB-24.9.49=   W2ASC-29.3.50=   W1NSN-19.3.47=    W2OAE-19.12.46=   W2QKK-2.3.47=   W1SDG-23.10.49=   W5PQO-16.4.49=   K2PNF-26.8.62=   W1BTU-20.5.48=   W1MX-8.3.5,,,,,IS THEIR ANY BODY FAMOUS HERE ? ANY BODY INTRESTED ,WILL POST, ,E MAIL ME .ALSO GOT SOME===VEs===BUT WILL WRITE EM UP LATER  ....THE W1MX WILL HAVE TO GO TO ITS MUSEUM,ANY HELP ON THAT [​IMG] MERV.ALL IN GD ORDER
  2. WA2ZDY

    WA2ZDY Guest

    Nice find. I've run into a few QSLs at various antique shops and such, but nothing that ever really caught my attention. I'm rather more interested in old general postal cards. Being a 29 year ham, I know that makes little sense, but such is life.

    As for W1MX, I just looked them up, and the trustee of the MIT club station is now N1XU. I dare say they'd enjoy having that card and via N1XU or the callbook address for W1MX is the way to go.

    Good luck.
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