QRZ Warned by the FCC

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. W9BTI

    W9BTI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why would any member of this forum think they are FCC agents and turn in the same forum they belong to. I say if they want to be a FCC agent, go and apply for the job but ban them from this forum if they are going to be a snitch.
  2. KB8JNE

    KB8JNE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah, I top post - get over it!
    On the points below, as we saw in the excerpt of the law earlier in the thread, it is illegal to bring such radios as are on the list into the country, importation. Well, if you can't import it, it is here illegally and the owner is the end of that illegal import chain.

    The laws are the laws. If you don't like the laws, work to change them but just because you don't like them does not give you the right to live outside of them. The laws still apply to everyone even if they think it wasn't meant for them. It applies to you and me and Fred and QRZ as an entity. If he allows postings of the FCC recognized illegal imports, he is furthering that importation chain and a party to the sale of something that is illegally in this country. I say ban them and be done with it and if you don't like it work to get those removed or others added or whatever. Frankly I have always seen this as a good thing. How many of us want to get on 10m only to be splattered by some cheap messed up rig that spits out 20K of crap all over the band, or find someone using a "lin-year" that has no filtering? Not me. That doesn't help any of us.

    I have yet to see a valid argument in this or other threads legitimizing the sale or helping aide in the sale of FCC recognized illegal imports. And frankly, I do turn in ads I run across for "heaters" and "pill" boxes for 11 meters all the time on eBay and anywhere else. No, this one wasn't me but I could see how I might have done the same thing. The party does not need banned for doing something that leads to a correct action by the FCC. So far it has all been friendly but if the FCC comes down on the board, I'm betting the ads will go away, and the board will stay.


  3. KB8JNE

    KB8JNE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Which is likely exactly why QRZ is in the spotlight and not the guy that owns it. QRZ would become a marketing agent for these radios. To quote you, facilitating the offering for sale and/or lease...


  4. AK4FM

    AK4FM Ham Member QRZ Page

    What is and isn't legal?

    Makes me wonder where we stand in the world of radio. It was my understanding that amateurs were allowed to operate any equipment available to them, whether it be a brand spanking new ICOM or Kenwood, or a Motorola HT or mobile converted from another service, as long as we were within our operating frequencies, emission and power. Recently, I had contact with the commission about such an issue. I've recently been bitten by the radar bug. More specifically, the K band (24Ghz flavor). According to Part 97, as a Tech license holder, I have priviledges on this band. They are deemed co-secondary, but priviledges nontheless. However, I was unable to get anywhere near a YES or a NO. I emailed them and got a definite response. Here it is....

    Thank you for contacting the FCC Consumer Center.

    Part 97 is not written in terms of particular pieces of equipment and whether or not they may be used as amateur station transmitters. Rather, Part 97 specifies the standards an amateur station must comply with when it transmits. There is no statement on the website that addresses whether any particular piece of equipment may or may not be used at an amateur station, other than equipment authorization information in the OET database.

    Whether an amateur radio operator builds equipment, modifies equipment, or uses equipment from another service is not of concern to the Commission as long as the emissions from the station comply with the rules.

    Review the technical information available on the equipment, determine the amateur rules that apply to the frequencies the transmitter transmits on, and the other applicable rules such as the secondary status, etc., and make sure that if you use equipment, you can operate them in compliance with the rules.

    Section 97.103(a) and Section 97.107(a) must be complied with, as well as Section 97.119-station identification.

    Obviously you would have to ensure that use of the equipment would not cause interference to other authorized users of the frequencies.

    As for "experimentation for personal research into the effects of microwave energy exposure," if you are using lab animals such as rodents - good lab procedure would probably be to conduct the experiments inside a cage or chamber in which all the energy would be contained and not leak.

    Representative Number : TSR41
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