QRZ Warned by the FCC

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by AA7BQ, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. AC0GO

    AC0GO Ham Member QRZ Page

    You know what makes me laugh? The Extra Class book I studied from a couple years ago shows an RCI-2950 radio mounted in a car!
  2. W5JLH

    W5JLH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Tired Of Communism In The U.S.

    I am getting tired of all the things that are now illegal and all the minor things that are now a felony. Don't you people realized that you are giving away your country. This is not the origianl U S A. Get off your ass and object to all such limitations. Use you head and your heart and do what is right. You know whats right and wrong. Telling someone else how to live his life is wrong. I hate a nosey SOB worse than a thief and a liar. There ain't a person on this web that hasn't done something illegal. Nobody is better than anyone else. While you are all squabbling over petty bull####, the west Kremlin is setting shop. Wake your asses up and do something good for someone else today and strike down any law that invades your privacy and your persuit of life, liberty and persuit of happiness. This ain't the model of my country that I want to see. I don't want to think that me and my kids served for nothing. Get off you Butts and mind your own business.
  3. AC0HD

    AC0HD Ham Member QRZ Page

    AMEN, brother!!

    How much is intentional and how much ignorance by the so-called leaders is questionable but when you put young inexperienced self-centered immature childish adults in a position of leadership, this is mostly what happens...

    As an example, there are many who dislike Wal-Mart for various reasons but ya know, when ole Sam was alive and running it, it was an entirely different company and very few had any complaints. The vast majority if not all problems with the company started when the spoiled self-centered children and family members took over and changed the focus of the business from values and customer focused to strictly profit focused with no limits (anything goes as long as as it produces profit) ...much the same is happening to the US.

    The Hillbilly
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2010
  4. W5BLX

    W5BLX Ham Member QRZ Page


    First off I don't see why any ham would want a freeband radio. I do however know that you can clip a diode on an Icom 718 and MARS/CAP mod it o TX out of band anywhere from 1.8-30MHz. What is the difference? HRO AES Gigaparts Universal Radio etc never actually check to see if a person is licensed and will gladly sell one of these radios to any Tom Dick and Harry with $600 to spend.

    What is the difference in a 718 that is modded and a RCI 2950 that can do the same thing (on the freeband CB frequencies)?

    Fight em Fred

    de W6CSA
  5. W5QI

    W5QI Guest

    What if you want one of those radio's just for the parts ?? What about the guys on the ham bands that were hard core CB'ers and now act the same way on the Ham bands, sounds like Channel 6 during peak season at times..

    What are the ham bands coming to ??

  6. N8YX

    N8YX Ham Member QRZ Page

    For starters, a '2950 is a piece of garbage (verified in ARRL labs) and is targeted solely at the "freebander". An IC-718, on the other hand, is not.
  7. KI4SKY

    KI4SKY Ham Member QRZ Page


    QRZed , as referred to ! A website for the amature radio community WORLD WIDE , where world wide radio operators meet to cuss & discuss HAM Radio issues & sell HAM Radios & accessories , NOT freeband radios as the FCC declares them .It is elligal to buy , sale , or trade such freeband radios , yes/no ? YES , do not allow them on QRZ please . What e-bay does is of no concern to QRZ , let QRZ keep up it's high standard of HAM Radio Operators and the sale , swap , or buying of HAM Equipment . We must stand together as HAM Operators and support QRZ as members , & so in closing , please only allow the trafficing of LEGAL HAM Equipment .
    Thank You & 73's ,

    BY the way , I lost lots of my fellow MARINES in Vietnam in '67 because of the AR-15/m-16

    SEMPER FI , Till I DIE
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
  8. KA2MXH

    KA2MXH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    to answer the question put to us

    For all the 468 post above, I've found few to answer the question put to us by AA7BQ.

    Well, The FCC can regulate what we legally own, or have in our possession, when it pertains to any piece of equipment that can transmit or receive over wire, cable and air. AM/FM/CB/HAM/Microwave/Cable TV, etc.

    However, QRZ.com doesn't own or possess any of the items that are the subject of this topic. We agree, QRZ.com is a site that allows members to buy, sell, trade and swap like equipment, related to Amateur Radio, and more.

    How much different is this site than the sites that offer 'illegal' equipment of every make and model, that have no FCC interference and have been 'marketing' these items on the Internet for over ten years or more.

    It seems to me, there is a memo going around the FCC offices, to give priority to people who complain. It's always the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. Someone looking for a little attention. Someone who probably has never had a position of authority. Someone who must break something in order to feel equal or superior. As if we don't have enough problems in the world today.

    Thank you, Fred. For giving us the opportunity to comment.

  9. N9WWR

    N9WWR Ham Member QRZ Page

    My Kenwood TS-140s works very thank you and if you know anything about the MARS freqs a 2970 does not cover what is needed or required by MARS. In your mind it may be apples and oranges but not mine.
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  10. W5QI

    W5QI Guest

    How true the above is... We, Americans, are so PC that it is going to destroy us..

    In all Socialist and communist countries, the tattle tales are the grand people. In my book, a tattle tail should be illegally sold to the Jihads for target practice..

    We need to take America back, it is for the citizens, not the law makers who are on the take for big bucks..

    Our Govt is growing bigger and bigger by the minute..

    By the way folks... Lets take a Icom 765... A grand radio of the past, and still one of the best... One diode cut and it will transmit all frequencies.. Then it also has 100 memories, So you can put in 40 channels of cb frequencies and now you have a channelized 100 watt SSB/50 watt AM radio that will transmit and receive the CB band... Why is it not on the banned list ?? And many other radios are just one diode away from operating outside the US Amateur Bands.

    So if I took one of these illegal CB radios, and cut out all the parts, all the diodes, resistors, caps, IC's, IF transformers etc etc and put them in a box and went to a HAMFEST and set up a sign saying "Used Parts for Sale" would that be legal ??? What if I advertised, "Used Parts from old illegal radios for sale". Would that be legal ??

    America and all ten trillion laws on the books and we wonder why we have the highest percentage of population in jail or prison ?? We are becoming the nation of idiots... The Congress now controls themselves, decides how much money they make.. Lost something here, originally they were working for you and I, and we decided how much to pay them...

    I am 72 years old and I grew up and lived in a wonderful country called America.. It was one of the most respected countries in the world...

    Now we are not much beyond a 3rd world country with govt that has us in several trillion dollars worth of debt.. I think each of the govt employees should pay us citizens back..

    OH, I get uptight at times

    73 and have a wonderful day

    de W5QI :(
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