QRZ Swapmeet Listing and Safety Policies - MUST READ

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    QRZ Swapmeet Listing and Safety Policy and FAQ
    Updated: October, 2018

    QRZ's Online Swapmeet is a free service that is offered to its members worldwide.

    All transactions are strictly between buyers and sellers. QRZ assumes no responsibility in any transaction between swap meet participants.

    Buyers and sellers alike must beware and use reasonable precaution when dealing with unknown parties over the Internet

    How to Place a Successful Swapmeet Ad

    a. Swapmeet Categories: Note that there are separate categories for Ham Radio Equipment for Sale, General Merchandise, and Ham Made Gear. After posting, the QRZ Editors may move your ad into a more appropriate category.

    b. Listing Title: The title of the listing should be concise so that the item can be easily indexed and found in searches. The title should contain the make and model of the item being offered (such as ICOM 781) and nothing else. Do not use the words FOR SALE or abbreviations such as F.S., etc. Do not list the price in the title. Do not decorate the title with punctuation, words like 'LOOK', etc.. The QRZ editor may change your listing title if deemed appropriate. The reason for this rule is to avoid cluttering our indexes with useless words.

    c. Describe the item, its condition, and anything else that a potential buyer would like to know. The more you have to say about the item, the more interested a potential buyer will be. There is no such thing as "Mint". Buyers always assume your item is in better condition than it actually is. Play down the condition of the item so that when the buyer receives it, their expectations are exceeded.

    d. Include your contact info. It is recommended that you provide either an email address or phone number, or both. Not everybody uses the Forum's Conversation (a.k.a. PM) system. Buyers are more comfortable if you provide easy, direct contact info.

    e. It is recommended that you state your price in the ad. You can ask for best offers. Be prepared for offers that are less that your asking price. Be polite in your responses. A low initial price is the fastest way of selling your item. "Firm" prices tend to discourage interest.

    f. Offer to pay for shipping. Shipping costs are usually negligible in relation to the item's cost. Make the buying process simple with a one-price, shipping included deal.

    g. Be responsive. Answer all inquiries promptly. Amend your ad with a reply post if a status update or price change is needed. Try and make contact over the phone to close the deal. Document your phone agreement in an email and send it as a friendly confirmation.

    h. Plainly state your return / DOA policy in writing. Don't ship junk that you know is defective unless you've stated that it is defective. They buyer typically must pay for return shipping costs.

    i. Get the money in advance of shipping. Never accept checks that are in excess of your negotiated price. Buyers: never send money to a P.O. Box address, never use Western Union or any other kiosk type payment system. Money Orders and Certified checks cannot be withdrawn and once sent, cannot be canceled. Use extreme caution and be certain who you're dealing with. If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

    j. Check your ad and make any changes quickly. You can edit an ad after it has been posted, but only for 30 minutes. After that, you cannot edit your ad.

    k. Always email the customer upon receipt of payment, and email them again when the item ships. Send a shipping confirmation / tracking number if possible.

    l. Ship your item promptly. Email the buyer whenever there is a delay.

    m. eBay Listings - Your for-sale ad may link to an eBay sale, however, a complete description of the item, and a photo, must be included in the QRZ ad.

    n. Best Offer Ads - you may choose to sell your goods for "best offer". It is okay to "auction" a piece of gear to the highest bidder.

    o. Raffles - all types of raffles are prohibited.

    General Rules

    The purpose of these rules is to promote fairness, and to protect participants from fraudulent and/or illegal activity.

    Prohibited items which may not be offered for sale on QRZ:
    a. Radios or amplifiers that are illegal for sale per FCC Regulations
    b. Firearms
    c. Anything that QRZ deems unacceptable

    Listing, Re-Listing Policy
    You may not have more than 3 active listings at one time. Active listings are those that were posted within the past 7 days, whether sold or not. A single swapmeet listing may include any number of items. A listing may not be reposted within 7 days of the last time it was submitted. Listings may be updated by the posting of comments as addenda to the original article.

    "Want To Buy" or WTB Listings
    You may place an ad for any item that can reasonably be considered to be worth UNDER $250. Pictures are not required for WTB listing. The reason for the low limit on WTB listings is that scammers always target people who are looking for high dollar items.

    Payments and PayPal
    Requests for Friends and Family (FF) payments using PayPal are strictly prohibited. Using friends and family payments in this context is simply a way to avoid paying PayPal fees is unethical and arguably amounts to a theft of their service. Additionally, all PayPal buyer protections are forfeited when Friends and Family payments are used. Ads which ask for FF payments will simply be deleted.

    PayPal Upcharging
    Some folks are upset about PayPal's 2.9% service charge and actively seek ways to avoid it. Their fees amount to less than $15 on a $500 sale. PayPal rules state that merchants may not quote higher prices for PayPal sales as opposed to other forms of payment. By posting an upcharge in your ad, you risk losing your PayPal account. Don't blame us if this happens. It is customary to simply price in the difference before you make your listing. You are not required to use PayPal, but if you do, you must not upcharge. Ads which post a different, higher price for using PayPal will be deleted.

    WARNING: payments such as Western Union, MoneyGram, or other third party money orders are highly discouraged as they have zero recourse should something go wrong with the deal. USPS money orders are OK, however, they still don't offer any recourse should the deal go wrong. After months of hassling with the USPS over a fraudulent deal, you're going to wish you had paid the extra 2.9% for using PayPal. Our experience has shown that personal checks are actually a fairly dependable payment method. On balance, when it comes to fraudulent activity, it is more likely to be victimized as a buyer than as a seller.

    Swap meet ads may not be used as a discussion forum. All replies to swapmeet ads should be a question about the item, the delivery, or the price. Out of respect for the sellers, comments such as "the price is too high", or "I can buy it less elsewhere" are not allowed. So-called "price police" are unwanted and unneeded. Keep your price opinions to yourself. Do not post "Email sent" or "I'll take it...." in the listing. Use email.

    Email Sent Replies
    Imagine that you're selling an item and it's generating a lot of email inquiries and there's lots of user interest. Then, without warning, the listing goes silent and no further inquiries are received. Looking at the listing, you see that someone posted "Email Sent" in your ad. Then, you realize that when other potential buyers saw "Email Sent", they assumed that they were too late to get in on the deal and they moved on. What's particularly troubling in such a case is that the user who posted Email Sent was only asking a question and had no intention of buying. Nevertheless, the Email Sent message killed the listing. So, if you post Email Sent and then notice that it has disappeared, then this is why. After all, Email Sent is entirely redundant as it's a message about a message. If they don't answer your email then you should consider them an unreliable seller anyway. Sellers shouldn't need to be prompted to check their email.

    Photos are REQUIRED
    All for-sale and for-trade listings must include a photo of the item or items being offered. It must be an actual photo of the item in the seller's possession and may not be a stock or manufacturer's photo. All photos are Google searched to make sure that they are unique. A photo of the box which contains the item for sale is not sufficient. You must open the box and show the item, even if it has never been opened.

    The sellers call sign must appear in at least one photo. The call sign should be set and taken alongside the item offered for sale. Simple, handwritten call signs are actually preferred. Call signs which are digitally superimposed (Photoshopped) onto the picture are not allowed.

    For instructions on adding pictures, click on our article: How to Add a Photo...

    Ending / Closing Your Listing
    Has your item sold? Is your item no longer available for sale? If so, use REPLY to Thread to post a SOLD comment to your ad.

    No-Delete Policy
    For everyone's protection, items posted to the Swap Meet may not be deleted. If the information has changed or the item has sold, then simply add a Reply to your listing that explains its current or revised status. When an administrator notices that your item has a reply indicating that the item is SOLD, they will change the listing title to indicate SOLD.

    Swap Meet Categories

    Ham Radio Gear For Sale
    Non-commercial, private sellers only. Must be RF related. No computers or computer components. No CB Gear. No 10+11 meter radios.

    General Merchandise
    Everything else, regardless of any Ham Radio purpose.

    Ham To Ham Reference
    Praise and complaints about buyers and sellers. Must be factual. Avoid name calling.

    Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs
    Reports of thefts, rip-offs, and scams

    Contributions to QRZ
    Once you've sold something using this service and you'd like to express your gratitude to QRZ, then please use one of the CONTRIBUTE TO QRZ buttons that appear on the left side of most pages. There is no suggested minimum amount, just whatever feels right for you. Whatever the amount, WE APPRECIATE IT. THANKS!

    To contribute now, please go to https://ssl.qrz.com/contribute

    Contact Us
    If you have any questions or would just like to contact us regarding our Online Swap meet, send email to: editor@qrz.com
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