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QRZ needs your help - LETS CATCH THIS GUY!

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by AA7BQ, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. W1QT

    W1QT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Tnx Fred, We will all be on the watch. QRZ is always on the alert for these types of cracker heads.
  2. WW7F

    WW7F Guest

    You forgot to mention ripping his tongue out by the roots:) 73,Michelle
  3. N0AMT

    N0AMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just an update for everyone:

    We have stopped quite a few attempted scams as of late. Thanks to a few users help, we were able to get the email address headers from some of the scam responses to wanted ads.
    Using those headers, we tracked them down to (drum roll) Nigeria. Big surprise. Anyone who works in Information Security knows Nigeria is rife with internet fraud.
    Unfortunately, legal recourse is pretty much non existent in these cases.

    We have added IP Address Range blocks for most of Nigeria, but once in awhile they slip through. When they do, we hope to continue catching them and keep closing the various IP ranges.

    We have a few changes in the works that should help to make the swapmeet safer, and should also be 100% transparent to you, but we still (and always will) need you to be vigilant in your dealings with folks online.
    We are still getting reports of people being scammed out of good money after doing a wire-transfer, or money order to a third party, even when something seems fishy. Use your better judgement!
    If you receive an email that you believe to be a scam, we ask that you (Google is your friend) copy the email headers, and contact us with that information. This data will generally allow us to track the IP address of the originator.

    If the IP address is outside of the legal boundaries of the United States, we'll block them at the firewall, and attempt to contact legal authorities within that jurisdiction.
    If it is within the United States we will gather the evidence. If that evidence is of sufficient measure we will begin handing over such data to the FBI for legal recourse against these individuals, especially where fraud is concerned.

    Our goal is to make your experience on QRZ as safe as possible for you and your pocket book, but your attention to detail and vigilance is a must.
  4. N7IFU

    N7IFU Ham Member QRZ Page


    Isn't it a bit counterproductive to post the plans to catch a person, when they have access to those plans?
  5. W5LMM

    W5LMM Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    PLEASE stop calling this CRIMINAL a "Hacker" It perpetuates the derogatory misnomer. Real "Hackers" have been the driving force of progress and innovation in the computer and electronics technology industries. In fact, most Amateur Radio Operators are "Hackers"!

    He is a Cyber-CRIMINAL.. Plain and simple. Let's not let the media change the meaning of our words for us.
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  6. N8YX

    N8YX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Besides possibly landing yourself in an equal amount of legal hot water, what are you hoping to accomplish with the use of such tools?

    I can think of a couple federal statutes of which you'll be in violation should you attempt to "pen test" online resources without the express (written) consent of the owner(s) of those resources.
  7. WH2HAO

    WH2HAO QRZ Moderator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm sorry John that you are misinformed. I can explain to you privately if that is something you would like.
  8. N0AAT

    N0AAT Ham Member QRZ Page

    i believe i am dealing with a scammer currently. can the op please contact me so i can forward the information on and maybe stop one more. at least mabey someone at qrz can contact the call signs email address and let them know someone is impersonating them. the call does not have a email attached to it on the qrz search
  9. N4ZAW

    N4ZAW Subscriber QRZ Page

    What's in a label? Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying, "A tiger is a tiger... Don't try to cuddle with it. By it's very nature, it WILL eat you".

    First-off, I totally agree with you, he is a 'Cyber-CRIMINAL'. But the waters do get muddy here as regards to labels....
    When i hear the label, "hacker", an image of the hackers in the movie, "Hackers" comes to mind. What separated the actual criminal mastermind portrayed in that flick from the hero?
    And what of the law enforcement representative? Was not 'Gill', the law enforcement guy trying to hack the hackers too -- trying to capture both mutant and the hero as was his charge, using every trick known to him? I'm sure this reference is not exactly understandable to all, as you would've had to see that 1990's movie, but it is still relevant today, as "tacky" as the film was (even back then) because it is has the perfect title! IMHO, they ALL were "hackers"!

    Principles and morality are relative traits in most human interaction. In the actions of the "scum-of-note" here on QRZ, they are as black n white as that movie example. I say, just call them whatever you want. I do get your point, and we do all "hack the planet" with our hobby...
    To do so for noble, or criminal reasons becomes the determining factor, not the label we attempt to assign. I say, let the mutant scum OWN the label "hacker", if it ends-up there. I'll keep labeling resourceful hobbyists as "hobbyists", no problem. To me, the subject of this thread is a noble attempt, by admin and the membership alike, to defeat it at it's own game! I'll label it "human debris. Scum. A mutant, a "cyber-criminal" sociopath, a product of a morally-degenerative, decaying society, that glorifies such behavior in popular media (as illustrated above)... A product of what we have become.
  10. KF5TQO

    KF5TQO Ham Member QRZ Page

    block external links

    Hi. I am new here but not new to ham radio or technology in general. Just a suggestion, Block external links except to those sites which are allowed Example: Block links to youtube but not to kenwood or yaesu.
    Also post a warning when users ARE clicking on allowed links that notify the user they are leaving

    Just thought I'd throw some ideas out there.

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