QRZ.COM Database via APRS

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by VE2FET, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. KS4T

    KS4T Ham Member QRZ Page

  2. VE2FET

    VE2FET Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi.  Here it is again as I posted in my previous post.

    PS: DOQRZ is using QRZ.COM data under the authorization from Fred AA7BQ.

    As for HRD, ask Simon, he replies to his emails.

    As for myself, I'm using my "paid" QRZ.COM account that allows DOQRZ to access QRZ.COM data via QRZ.COM XML Interface.

    Don't thank me, thank Fred, the owner of QRZ.COM.

    Specifications for XML access to the QRZ Database:

    Enjoy free access, no ads, QRZ.COM data via APRS using DOQRZ.

    "Nothing is free" -  DOQRZ is.

    73, Sylvain VE2FET
  3. W1LWT

    W1LWT Ham Member QRZ Page

    whaw whaw I talk to POLICEMAN FRIEND . O come on now cant decide on your own .USE it or not come on now . Pull your britches up and tie your shoes . And have fun in live its a part of our hobby to use and dont be so aafraid of evry little thing .You might fine the hobby is fun. You dont need to ask people who are not in the hobby .YOU got a license and radio and computor and coax and antenna and what ever else you can find for the hobby and use it play with it have fun.

    OR lock your self in a building and hide under your bed because your scared of life and the moveies you watch and the bad storys you might hear. come on now get a life. Make your own decisions. [​IMG]
  4. KC0YEF

    KC0YEF Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. K0QVF

    K0QVF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just tried DOQRZ and it did not work, WHO-IS does work. Is DOQRZ down?

    Ron - K0QVF
  6. VE2FET

    VE2FET Ham Member QRZ Page

    It is UP as usual...

    Might have been down for a few minutes or for maintenance... but as you can see here, the software is up and running. The screen here is updated every minute or so... It's from the computer runnning DOQRZ, you can see its window...


    73, Sylvain VE2FET
  7. HB9TPX

    HB9TPX Ham Member QRZ Page

    No connection to SAQRZ / DOQRZ


    I tried to use the qrz service over APRS by sending a message to SAQRZ and DOQRZ. On findu.com I can see that the message was sent but I did not receive an answer from QRZ.COM.

    I have done it as it is written in this forum and on other websites. I tried it with my VX-8 and my TH-D7.
    I know also other HAM who tried it and it also do not work there.

    What I am doing wrong?:confused:

    Thank you for your help.

    73 de Reto, HB9TPX
  8. KD4MOJ

    KD4MOJ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page


    Just tried this on my D700 in the truck with no luck. My Igate (aprsD), is fully 2-way.

  9. WW5RM

    WW5RM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Beacon Interval

    So you really believe that someone can track you down using Internet and a Beacon being sent out at say 1 minute or 1 mile intervals which should the the max for anyone using APRS. I am sorry but by the time the Beacon is heard at a max rate of 1 min or 1 mile then you will be long gone and a mile radious is a pretty large area wouldnt you say? Plus you can change the beacon rate to something larger.

    But if you are not moving and are afraid of them finding where you park then just simply turn it off long before you reach your destination! How hard is that? I really dont understand why so many people say they dont want anyone knowing where they are. If so then what do you have to hide because anyone with any kind of sense can keep someone or even other Hams on APRS from finding you.

    Sounds like to me most people either havent done their homework or have no clue as to what is actually taking place with APRS.

    DE WW5RM

  10. WW5RM

    WW5RM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Beacon Interval

    Did you discuss with your Police friend that it isnt a continuous Beacon being sent out? Does he even have a clue as to what is actually taking place on APRS? I mean really now if we set our Beacn to say 1 mile or 1 minute then who could find you at that rate? As long as you turn it off long before you get where you are going then a 1 mile radius is a pretty large area dont you think? Heck for that matter increase it to 2 miles and at least you still have the Winlink2000 email, NWS Bulletins, WX Station Info, Call-sign look-up, MSG and other features too.

    But say if a criminal wants to find you then they will find you even without the help of APRS. So unless it is a Ham meaning to do you harm I very seriously doubt they would have the knowledge to actually find you even with APRS and Internet tracking. Plus if a criminal is looking for you then wouldnt they know what to look for? So why bother with tracking if all they have to do is follow you? Trying to find someone over APRS to commit a crime doesnt seem like a very good idea because it is much easier to just follow you or target someone close to them. Why go through this much trouble when they could just target someone else? Plus what are they gonna do? Steal your Ham equipment and do what with it? Sell it to another Ham? Sell it on Ebay? I really dont see the threat or very productive as a criminal activity. I can think of a ton of ways to gain more in a shorter amount of time and alot less trouble.

    DE WW5RM

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